My Fishing Tackle Cave + Custom Rod UNBOXING!

The ice fishing has been TOUGH lately. After drilling well over 200 holes I’ve yet to get back on the fish in some of the bigger lakes located in Northern IL. Needless to say I still wanted to get a video out to you guys even though it isn’t the best. Just know that I really am trying to put in the grind out there on the hardwater with hopes to capture a quality video for you guys. Hopefully this weekend I can figure something out and pin these fish lurking under the ice. Thanks for watching and good fishing!
–Young Plug

Song: Nothing — Artist: degsproductions
Song: the rains — Artist: tessellated & kasia

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Equipment Mentioned in todays video:
-Tackle trays: Flambeau 5005 WP boxes
-Computer: 2013 iMac base
-Rod: Langer ice rod
-Fish tank: 50gal
-Vexilar: FL-18 w/ stock transducer
-1st Pelican: 1600 size case
-2nd Pelican: 1200 size case
-Pineapple: Dole
-Dog: smells
-Apbassin: has no friends


Spencer Schofield says:

you just made me organized everything

Camden Kerr says:

What is that pineapple their for?

Fantville Academy says:

why is there a pineapple there

Crumpet3000 says:

where do you get that barracuda statue?

wmbassin extreme says:

ice fishing is the best thing in the world

Mary Davis says:

you should put big bass in tank

Richard Swanson says:

Had to like just because of the apbassing has no friends

Annie Arias says:

what type of dog is that is it a Irish wolfhound?

Benzene says:

Ever think about building a Hackintosh?

Jake Harmon says:

Jon can i have some of those lose baits?

Jay Bao says:

Hey Jon do u use lunkerhunt Lunkerhunt ice lure to me is magic bean glow green(glows underwater

dalton kellen says:

when he went to that desk i thought he was going to go straight to the pineapple but he completely skipped the poor thing

MrBdmfps9 says:

Jon B do you use the Lew’s reels very often? bait casters or spinning?

Jake Schroeter says:

It’s be cool if you gave a couple of those reels you don’t use anymore to people who can’t afford decent ones

Killer Beast says:

I wish I could do mtb ( mystery tackle box ) but I can’t pay for it because my father can barely pay me my money

tclott316 says:

Description though lmao!

MR-FLIP says:

pineapple yum…

chandler millsap outdoors says:

Pause the screen at 7:37

D1RT TRAX says:

1:38. Well I’m so excited to see the new rod! 1:41. Well now we know that there is a piece of trash in the box from the way he opened it

Brady beaman says:

could i ask how you got all your fishing stuff

Michael Delarosa says:

about the pineapples

Texan boy Outdoors says:

Do you have any reels I could have cousin got his stolen in the back of his truck and I gave him my rod he just needs a reel bait cast please

fishing the 10,000 says:

sweet cuda statue

Big Fishbassin says:

What are the tackle boxes u keep your reels in

Zach Stacy Bass fishing says:

did the dog snatch the pineapple

BigFinFishing says:

subscribe to me

Mitchell Cotter says:

Do you have any open rails for sale


That was cool thanks for sharing ur room

Antonio D. says:

What type of dogs do u have Jon b.

TX Fishing says:

the Jimi Hendrix poster tho

JDsSportsRoom says:

Dude I’m down with the aquarium and what your using it for. Think I’m gonna have to pick one up.

bryson knauer says:

hey dude your a great fishermen. lol have you ever fish in mississippi

Fishing With Gilbert509 says:

Wish I had all that fishing stuff

Connor Pugh says:

how do you set a profile picture to Youtube

All Water Angling says:

The description says apbassing has no friends it had me dying

Aquillies680 says:

yuck apple……..#PCMASTERRACE

Brock Blazier says:

Whats with the pineapple

JDsSportsRoom says:

Dude I’m down with the aquarium and what your using it for. Think I’m gonna have to pick one up.

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