MUST HAVE Accessories For Kayak Fishing!

Native Watercraft Manta Ray 12XT (Part 3)
Since I recently bought this new kayak, I realized that I wasn’t done yet… I still needed to stock up on the most important accessories! If you are getting ready to start kayak fishing, this video is a MUST WATCH!

Overall, I believe I covered most of the basics in this video but I definitely encourage you to stay tuned for future videos which will continue showcasing other kayak fishing tips. In the next episode in this series, I will cover down on rigging up an anchor trolley system.

Part 1:
Part 2:


*Full Disclosure* I have been accepted on the Native Watercraft Pro Staff. Don’t worry though, I will continue to remain unbiased in all recommendations. You have my word!


Bobby Pennington Adventures says:

I used an aluminum paddle with my sit in kayak, switched to a carbon and best accessory purchase I have made yet it’s so light. Hey you finally got a net! That looks like a nice one.

FiremanDan says:

Well done

Michael Cross says:

Motor so I dont have to paddle all the time, plus I can rig up my rod headed to the hot spot

Scott Branch says:

The ONYX PFD is a great get. I picked one up as a second PFD to have around and it has become my primary. As always, great video.

Rome Branson says:

You hot to get a fish finder!!!

Bradley Houston says:

Love to know I’m not the only crazy Michigan angler out there in the snow! What are your thoughts on a fish finder for the yak? And if you get one for your new rig, will you mount it or get a portable one that syncs with your phone?

GetOutTheHouseGoFish says:

Holy crap that’s a huge net haha

JMZFishing says:

This videos helps a lot

Cyber Yaker says:

If it has not been mentioned how about a camera mount? I like to record all my foul uos. Ha

James Hagman says:

Hoping to get my first kayak soon. Are you concerned about loosing all your tackle if you tip over? Do you have it secured to the kayak somehow? Thanks and keep em coming.

Mr Panda says:


David Pittman says:

Hello, I enjoyed your video. I was curious about how you hooked your GoPro’s up

Safe Travels

Randy Houdashelt says:

If you are kayaking in that cold of water, the 1st must have item you should have mentioned is a dry suit or paddling suit. If you were to fall in or flip wearing what you had on in this video, good luck to you trying to recover in those soaked clothes with locked up muscles!

iDirtyDan says:

You sound like Vince from sham wow in the intro hahah

Millers Landing says:


Yankee Tanker says:

Good Job … Paddle and PFD that is really all you need besides the fishing gear.

Nemesis A6 says:

Thank you for mentioning anchor trolley. I was literally waiting for that…lol.

Michael Cross says:


Enthusiastic Fisherman says:

HAHA! Kayaking in the snow! lol

Millers Landing says:


JCBHatesBlank says:

This video is the culmination of 9 months of “I’m annoying AF”

Andrew Makatura says:

Need a dry bag with a comprehensive first-aid kit , small survival kit and a complete change of clothes especially if fishing in cold weather

yo wu says:

Great vid. That’s all you need,[ minus the net]. Most kayak fishing guys look like a christmas tree on the water.

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