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Silicone fly boxes are the new craze, and it seems like everyone is starting to make one. This makes sense, since they are self healing, last longer, and are all around better than the foam boxes. The slits hold flies better as well, and you will have less fall out. But not all are made equal, and some companies make some low quality boxes while others make better quality. The Neo fly box is one box that is in the higher quality category. Very well made, and feels durable. Its also really nice looking. The slits are made well, and seem to hold a wide variety of flies. Pretty much all nymphs will fit in the box, a few dry flies, and even a few smaller sized streamers. Definitely a good box for the money. It is not badly priced at only $25, and worth it in my opinion. However I still would like to see it a bit better priced, but I’m happy with the price at where it is especially when I feel how well made it is. Of course with thicker and beefier plastic, you will get a bit extra weight, so keep that in mind. They aren’t super light, but they aren’t really heavy either.

If you want to get the box, here is a link to where you can pick it up.

They also make a $10 foam insert box that is double sided. This is a really good deal in my opinion if the box is even close to as well made as their Neo fly box. Check this one out here.


John Kinsfather says:

It would be nice if they were better priced. I carry about 8 boxes vertically and mark them on the end with a special green masking tape. Beadheads, wets, med drys, hopper/stimulators, One advantage of the Tacky boxes is their shape as they slide in and out of my pack very easily and take up less room. Also like the magnetic closures, less fiddling around, less app to drop it. Over time I have converted totally to Tacky but always good to check out the competition. John K

big ron says:

I have purchased some boxes from China and they are definitely worth the money

John Kinsfather says:

The best silicone fly box is Tacky Fly boxes” they have about 5 boxes for various types of applications they now also make a version for Orvis. The Neo seems to be a johnny come lately to the party. Tacky far supieor. John K

Andrew Boucher says:

Poorly made Tacky rip-off

emil pop says:

dude, it’s just a box…
I can go fishing with my flies in a plastic bag…

Sebastian mendez says:

i have a cuestion , can i use 20mm fluorocarbon like a tipped ? sorry i don’ know very well english .

Sebastian mendez says:


Brad steelhead fishing pa says:

That box looks very nice

Jon Yenari says:

I have both boxes and the manefish is waterproof, but it seems like you can only insert flies in one direction. So, if you are trying to fit in bigger streamers in the box facing different ways (so that you can fit longer streamers in) you cannot. The big bug tacky has bidirectional slots for streamers, can fit bigger hooks, but I don’t know how waterproof it is. I like the magnetic closure, but I don’t think it will be as waterproof as the neo fly box. The Orvis big bug is now on Amazon Prime for 19.99, a pretty good deal, FYI.

big ron says:

The prices on some boxes are outrageous when you come down to it they are only plastic and rubber

Brad Porter steelhead fishing says:

It’s a great box

Danner Lindstrand says:

That’s a sweet box

Kerry Pitt says:

When the boxes like your Umpqua box first came out up here, we were paying about $62 Canadian which is about $45 US so were were paying crazy high amounts of money. Prior to that I was using Perrine Aluminium fly boxes which are less than my favourite. Once a few people started selling fly boxes direct from China the prices dropped drastically. The box you are testing here uses a silicone insert as you mentioned last time we talked. Not having used silicone before and assuming it is better at self healing, I would say that the price you quote here is not too out of line at all. I like the depth of the box so you are not limited to chironomids and very small dries or wets in the thinner boxes. Good review I think, , I have had the fly boxes you compared it to. All of that was stolen from my car two years ago so I decided to spoil myself with custom wood boxes, but I am thinking about a couple of plastic boxes again for a smaller pack I carry so if I can find those up here, I will try them out.

John Kinsfather says:

You are right. I happen to use a hip pack that has a nice upright zipper pocket that holds all the boxes vertically and very compact. I recently added their Day box and marked it NEW. It gave me a place to put new flies that I haven’t had a chance to try as yet. Keeps them from getting mingled in and gives me chance to evaluate them . I am surprised the China guys haven’t knocked off Tacky as yet. They have a slim $6 box but it is very shallow and will only accommodate bead head flies. Like most things, you get what you pay for. Although the Tacky boxes are not cheap I feel it is one of the best investments I have made. John K

Big Papi says:

Good review Angler and thanks for your honest opinion.

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