Kayak Fishing For Beginners | Gear and Accessories

Must have gear for your kayak! Enjoy!

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Eduardo Flores says:

What kind of paddle do you recommend?

Choppinblock19 says:

lots of crap that fall out, should of applied sun screen and bug spray before heading out .

Leevi21 says:

finally someone that understands nets

Blinderb says:

Good video but I would go crazy if my crate was that unorganized! I also pack my pliers, digital scale, scissors, camera, emergency paddle and garbage bag. I paddle a FS12T. Tight lines!

Wireline .Cables says:

What fish stringer do you have? I notice it has a float.

Smok Dawg says:

I’m new to kayaking, should I get a an anchor trolley or just run my anchor from the stern of my kayak ?


Francisco Alvarez says:

Rope is always good to have

McScott76 says:

Quick tip… Berkley makes a pretty cheap adhesive fish measuring strip that you can stick to the side rail of your kayak. I think it goes up to about 30 inches. Makes it really easy to measure fish. I just grab the fish by the mouth with my fish grips, slide it up on the side rail of my kayak for a quick measure and then right back in the water. Keeps the deck of my sit-on kayak from getting all nasty with fish slime, and I don’t have to fumble around with a bump board or anything.

Michael 450 says:

what’s your opinion on the fs10 sit in. I live in the New Orleans, so we have lots of different waters

D.Nasty Fishing says:

What’s up bud .. now a redfish is the only fish I haven’t caught yet. had opportunities but couldn’t seal the deal.. come over to my page show some support subscribe at D.Nasty Fishing .. Thanks I will be doing some upgrades on my kayak soon..

Tickle Scream says:

Nice video, with the video being a few months old, how do you feel about the kayak itself?

AleaderWaterShoes says:

Awesome video.

Cruz Daniels says:

Great video, thanks!

NJ Bass Masters says:

How much is it

Wireline .Cables says:

I’m a beginner. I am considering the Ocean Prowler 13, Feelfree Moken 12.5 or the Ascend FS128T at Bass Pro Shop. Any advice for a newbie? I will be fishing Inshore for Redfish in Texas.

goosesquad says:

what kind of camera was in your crate

Fishin Indiana says:

I’m new to kayaking and I was wondering do you need to register it like a boat?

Pitforbrains says:

Do you use hydrogen peroxide in your little live well to supplement the bubbler?

Kirk Carlson says:

I have a 10 foot lifetime tamarack angler what should I get for it

Colin Harden says:

I have a pelican zest kayak and i don’t have money for a expensive anchor setup.what is THE MOST BASIC anchor setup?

James River yakking says:

well I cannot live without a cutting board online it’s something I always carry I figured out a way to carry it on my Ascend kayak that does not get in the way I posted a video on my channel I hope you will like it don’t forget to subscribe

15eric2008 says:

I would put some type of netting on your milk crate or else you’re losing all your stuff if you tip lol

caloferrero78 says:

Hello my friend thank you for the video , I like to know more about the paddle you have or the different on paddle seat in or seat on top like most fishing kayak if you can explain more I appreciated

Really Old Rookie says:

The birds in the background are louder than your voice. You must have a camera like mine! LOL

Anthony Iannuzzi says:

Rod leashes

joynthis says:

I would suggest that step one for a beginner is learn how to paddle. Most of the fishing yak videos I’ve seen feature folks who obviously can’t brace, skull or rudder, and will inevitably end up in a yard sale of tackle and beer cans.


Just found you, do you have a tutorial on the size of kayak and paddles to get. I am sure they are based on height or weight or something. Thanks for the video shipmate.

Garrett Dobbs says:

Have a important question. When I’m fishing in my kayak, the wind just full on turns me the opposite direction, any way you know of to help this problem? If so please make a video, comment back. Thanks!

Kade Neuman says:

can you do a video on the live well/cooler?

Chris H says:

You forgot to mention beer.

Avi8torZ 1 says:

Love these videos, just got into kayak fishing like a year ago. Now we go to Galveston a lot, and have learned some really good tips from you. Thanks!

burnsybros says:

nice video and info but not every beginner has a kayak like yours. my first kayak was like 170$ lol

Gamingoodz says:

Sooo. I can say that you really do want to make sure to bring sun screen.. I just bought my first kayak and took it out this week for the first time ever and I didn’t wear any. I used to never have to wear sunscreen I would never burn and just tan. Of course that was before I started working in IT and wasn’t sitting indoors everyday loosing my resistance to the sun. After a few hours of fishing I had to get off the lake, my arms and legs were on fire and I couldn’t take it anymore. Once i got home I realized just how bad it really was. I am extremely sun burnt, I can’t even walk because my legs are swelled up so much that my sskin is so tight its making it hard to walk. And that isn’t even mentioning the burning… Argh.. Never again will I ever EVER go into the water without sunscreen on. today is the 2nd day and I really hope it gets better before this weekend because I want to go out this weekend as I learned a ton from my first trip. THat was my first time using a kayak so I needed to feel things out and figure out what I was missing. One more thing I just bought because I realized I really needed was a kayak trolley kit. Man was it annoying in the wind getting 1 cast if I was lucky and then getting drifted into the trees and my rods getting tangled up and having to paddle back to the same spot over and over.

Nicholas Nardone says:

where do you put the anchor without an anchor trolley? like where do you hook it on to?

McScott76 says:

A few other helpful items to keep around:
– Rod and paddle leashes
– Spare carabiners
– Paracord (packs small but works for all kinds of things — lashing, back-up paddle leash, anchor line, shoe laces, etc)
– Bottled water (keeps you hydrated and if you get stuck by a hook or cut, you can rinse out the wound with clean water rather than using dirty lake, river or sea water)

Hpgamming009 says:

Is ur kayak a 2 person?

seanfishingtexas seanfishingtexas says:

is a 10′ kayak good for fishing saltwater and freshwater or is it better to get 11.5-12′

Jarad White says:

What do you think about installing a fishfinder chartplotter on that kayak?

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