Ike In The Shop: The Best Way To Store Your Fishing Tackle

Mike Iaconelli reviews the best tackle boxes on the market! Water resistant, rust proof, and ultra secure, the flambeau tackle boxes are a must have in any anglers arsenal!

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Fishing Family Fun says:

I usually just open up the boxes that got wet when I get home and let them air out. My ’94 Prelude could use some Zrust technology though 🙁

Sam Kainer says:


Larry Moffatt says:

Hey Ike: Those cam latches are great at making a tight seal (provided no bag slides over the edges and gets pinched – best to not overfill). The video is only two minutes; you could have done a retake so no-one condemns the latches. I do agree that Zerust is effective but realistically anyone who seals wet lures/baits inside it are asking for corrosion. Open them at home long enough to dry out, then close and store.

JC Films says:

Congrats on the MLF summit cup win! that’s big and you deserve it brotha

Ren_Pres says:

I feel like he is advertising now

Keifers Reel Planet Bass says:

They are the Best! I just want to know when that third-clasp didn’t snap when the film stoped rolling, did you throw that box across the room!? ; )

Lip Rip Addiction says:

Looks like I know what tackle boxes I’m gonna get

B&B Outdoors says:

I can hear you breathing in the audio and it is very annoying

Gabe G says:

Flambeau really does make some awesome boxes but i dont see any difference with other boxes with out the zerust tech, i get rusty lures in every box especially the waterproof ones, you take your lure out of the water throw it in a waterproof box and the water has zero chance of getting out of the box and the hooks rust just the way it is, that being said flambeau definitely makes some of the nicest boxes on the market

Sean Curtis says:

So stoked you won the Summit Cup! It was your time!

EGC_EliWarrior7 says:

What’s up mike?

Salty Angler says:

I truly believe these tackle trays are the best. just bought 2 and I love them 🙂

New England Bass says:

This is a commercial…

EGC_EliWarrior7 says:


Cooper Johnson says:

Problem is the latches fall off I bought 2 of these and before I could get them home lost one of the latches. Needs better designing in my opinion


Hey Ike!! Give a shout out to Holcombe, WI. Congrats on your MLF long waited accomplishment, just watched the episode this past weekend. Missed you when the Elite series was up here on Lake Wissota years ago, was actually working on a driveway on the lake that day and gabbed to Roland Martin as he fished by on my lunch break. Sucky place for the Elite series to be held, but up the Chippewa River there’s huge Smallies to be caught. Wish I could of contacted someone interested in how too catch them and I tried, but no reply back for pre-fishing the pattern. Good luck in the Classic this weekend, will be keeping tabs on my Fantasy Fishing.

illinois fishing says:

awesome video thanks for the tips

BassGeek says:

I’ve been using the Flambeau zrust boxes for a few years now and I love’em. Won’t use anything else.

Arturo from Tucson says:

i saw u win today.

mike breaux says:

I like the waterproof flambeaus a lot… the Plano waterproof containers are ok but I like the flanbeaus better… they’re more see thru clear.. I even found some gcca edition at academy that have red trim instead of blue…

Jesus Saves says:

Thanks Mike, I’ve had hooks rust, soft baits turn into dried hard bread like it’s crazy!!! I’ll check it out ..

HammerTactical says:

I use these. Not gunna lie, you’re IKE approval made the $ go that way over Plano. As in this video, I will say sometimes you need to pop those clasps back into the socket or else they will fight you. With your heavy name and me, a fan and product user/consumer, they should work that kink out. Thanks a billion and keep them lines tight man! You’re awesome and your opinion is golden. Fish on brother!

Terzy says:

This didnt tell us shit except promote ur shitty product

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