Ice Fishing Rod Case Review Vexan ICE and Celsius Basic Ice Fishing Rod Bag Gear Review 2018 – 2019

Looking for a bag to carry all of your ice fishing gear out on the lake? In this video we will find out if either of these two bags are any good.

Both these bags have room for your tipups, poles, tackle, grubs and anything else you need to take out on the lake but some bags are not quite as good as others when it comes to getting the job done.

The Celsius can fit one tip up comfortably perhaps two, along with two icefishing rods and some tackle.

The Vexan bag can comfortably fit four ice fishing poles, two tip-ups and plenty of tackle.

Celsius Review Starts: 0:36

Vexan Review Starts: 7:08

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The Fish Fin-atic says:

I’m curious about the material inside the Vexan bag, and here is the reason;
I had 2 older (Y2Kish) Frabil bags which were stolen by the wind one day on the ice a few years back. I wasn’t too devastated because it was the end of the season, and I saw the same bags on clearance at my local outdoor store. However, after purchasing 2 replacement bags, I quickly realized that there were some very obvious and disappointing differences between the old and the new bags. Mainly, I was very disappointed with whatever the interior material was made of.
I like to rig up my rods with hooks and then strap them into the bag, and have them ready to use when I drill my holes. The old bags seemed to resist being pierced by the hook points, and when the hook did penetrate the material, it was very easy to pull out, with nearly no visible damage to the material.
The new bags seemed to be a magnet for the hooks, and they almost always seemed to penetrate, and were very difficult to remove without pulling out interior padding, or needing to cut into the material to free the barbs. After a few seasons, the bags were riddled with holes and tears because of this inferior material. I would have gladly paid more for a bag made of the old material on the inside!
So that being said, I am considering purchasing the Vexan, but by the pictures shown on their site, and by this video, it seems that they are also using a thin, cheaper material which will snare hooks, and I will end up with a mothballed bag like my Frabil disasters.
Any ideas, or any way you can test the material out and let me know? Thanks

Vexan Fishing says:

Great review!!! Very nice.

Nathan Smith says:

Looking at getting this case on amazon could you fit ten of those heritage traps in this ? I’m ganna get this or one from Cabela’s

BassBound TV says:

Cool video. I always enjoy an informative review. Keep up the good work.

Ralph Dukes says:

your just a dumb fucking idiot i wont ever be back to watch your videos..

Bobby G says:

I am pretty sure why the straps aren’t padded is cause you’re not going to be ice fishing in a Tee shirt…but good review

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