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*I DID NOT ROB KMART*…But it sure felt like it!

EVERY item shown was 75 cents. We got away with over 150 pieces of fishing product for around $130 ! It was truly unbelievable. Rather than waste your time bragging about it, here’s a SUPER INFORMATIVE review of everything I purchased. Pay Attention, everything here I have used for years to catch big fish! If you all thought this was informative give me a thumbs up please.





J.T. Cooper says:

Killer deal.

Water Warrior Fishing says:

LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for the support. Head to the next video after this one to see how all of this got organized!

BASS n BEER !! says:

Damn my Walmart sucks n don”t carry shi* lol

blue widow says:

Do you have a video on how to use yum dingers or senko for bass?

Scott says:

i would prob change the title some 1 might take it the wrong way LOL

Jacob May says:

That is a big bite to mama craw

S. Sin says:

I’m calling the police

datruth hurts says:

dude..you could not find that quality of baits and terminal tackle if bass pro shops was going out of business..and the price!smh

Nathan says:

Wow Kmart Australia is thriving and is making money.

UpNorthOutdoors says:


Steven Brown says:

Sweet haul bro, jealous as hell. Me and my buddies fish on a budget. BPS is our church. People look at us weird cause we go straight to clearance racks. When we pull up in line they’ll have 2 or 3 lures and we got 15 or 20. Yes quality is important but you don’t have to put out for that. The way I shop is I buy for where I’m fishing. So what colors am I looking for and what do I want it to catch. And keep an open mind. I’m just as excited going to the store as I am catching fish. You never know what you’ll find.

Outdoor Life says:

Plz give me a shout out

William Campbell says:

I spent $160 dollars on live target lures at my k-mart. Dicks sporting goods dumps off their leftovers when they closed. I paid $4 per live target. Kinda hard to beat that. I couldn’t pass it up.

Northforkfishing12 Michael Lentz says:

Sweet haul, but you just said that you hate Big Bite Baits because there is not action, but you also said your goto stick bait is a Yum Dinger!?! Have you ever seen the action of a Dinger? Or lack there of?!

Sam Thomson says:

Give away time wink wink

guythmike says:

Why does your video stop and skip after every phrase you say? I had to stop watching.

D A says:

I have the same hat strick king.

Jetski Jay says:

The ultimate treasure find.

CL Fishing says:

Chigger craws are money

The God Tier _ says:

Watermelon over pearl is a good yum finger color

mustangsally0928 says:

Wow great deal buddy!

Nicholas Hogate says:

Robo worms are great on shaky head and 2 foot Drop shot

Scotty Sarazen says:

Offset shank and straight shank are two different things….

THE Crappie Killer says:

Its always a good day when you rob K-Mart legit. I remember doing this when ours closed down in 2010. That is when i got into fishing.

Aiden Lanting says:

Kmart doesn’t sale those things I think gander mtm does

Golf Foxtrot Yankee says:

It sounds like your intro music is saying butt fucked butt fucked buttfucked

Phil Casto says:

Well how much did u spend?

Team Wagy says:

Good deal man I love a good deal! Subscribed

austin jay says:

I throw senkos 80% of all time

Sean Allino says:


SnorryHobo says:

my store was also going out of business but all of their fishing stuff was way over priced

Ali may J says:

nice !!!!!!! just subbed bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Yenson says:

Nice haul

GS Fishing says:

Subbed bro would be cool to get a sub back brother

Tykwa Iijing says:

when did shia labeouf start fishing

Jack Roelands says:

Hey good video

Fishing With Gilbert509 says:

Nice haul I just subscribe.

Below the Surface says:

Great video loved all the explanations you gave keep it up!!

Travis Brown says:

Great haul tho.

Ben K says:

Those Curley tale worms are all my dad will ever use

Kaira Koru says:

I had a Kmart go out of business around me and it was picked over for fishing gear hmmmmm.

Jason D says:

Same thing happened to me at Gander Mountain. I bought 40 Spro Little John MD’s for a little over $2 each

Thebassinkid. says:

dude stop with the knock off shit it’s every second and stop acting like every “original” is the best

gbg5 says:

I didn’t even know Kmart sold fishing stuff

gundorethemighty says:

i made a crap ton from k-mart aswell.. for the one that close there door forever

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