I need to Organize my Fishing Tackle! Vlog#13

Its has been a while since organized my tackle the results are not pretty.


Gman says:

How is that Monopoly money and those golf clubs in the studio

genienne conaway says:

Why is there monopoly money on the floor

Kirin Inumashi says:

How do you know something is top water

C.J. Teas says:

how big is your moms basement that your living in

Blade Scott says:

My room has carpet and there is hooks everywhere in the floor

Bob Ross says:

Crankbaits are life

Michael Kaibas says:

You always give great vids I love ur channel and you don’t cuss, which is awesome

Cath Thewlis says:

Nice video

Obj Comedy says:

Plz do a collection of your box again

Caleb Radcliffe says:

yeah do a challenge with your old baits

Gielie Geldenhuys says:

Go to the beach and try to catch some sharks and jacks

Sean Aldrich says:

They’re there because its a basement not a studio

GamedoctorLit says:

The hook box looks cool

Kody Walker says:

You post this on my birthday

Josh Reeder says:

please hurry with the lure making tutorials:)

Gamers Channel says:

love this channel its not to much nor to less I do my fair share of fishing and I love watching fishing videos, your channel has to be my favorite bro keep up the work and kinda want to see you do some q and a videos.

Blank Blank says:

Hey could you do a video on all the different types of lures? And their uses? That would be super helpful:)

Isaac Schisler says:

Brendan can I get a shout out I’m a new fishingvloger like your channel

murf 77 Donnelly says:

Your dad has been looking for that dewalt drill bit set.

its all about fishing says:

whats a good starting camera Brendan your videos look amazing

Kevin871 says:

Hey guys I need a lot of help should I get a lews Mach 2 or a st.croix triumph or a fenwick HMG

C.J. Teas says:

Interesting, tism attack mimimimi

Kole McCormick says:

Your the best fishing YouTuber go job man

The between Gamer says:

Yo Brendan you are actually an amazing youtuber. Please keep making more of these vids and keep up the good work. You’re funny, smart, and overall a good fisherman. Thanks for everything you have done and the lives you have impacted.

Ariana Munoz says:

don’t throw away the ones you can throw throw away give them to me

Logan Webb says:

He lives in ohio i Live in ohio to sooner time the weather sick here

ifish4livin h says:

1:55 dumbass

Quinn Muller says:

Is it sad that I enjoy organizing my tackle almost as much as fishing itself?

Tracy Bass says:

how did Monopoly money get in your studio

Stetson_ Savage says:

In ur studio more like the basment

la la go fast car says:

700th like

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