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Music By: PARLAE @ParlaeMusic
Check out the many ways you can wear a SA Fishing Face Shield. You can rock it as a bandana, a beanie, a freaking pirate!

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r8ksw says:

Got my buy 1 get 4 free sent to the UK and they are amazing. Really comfy to wear , I use mine when riding my quad bike (ATV) Shame you don’t do a Union Jack face shield though.

Fraudia says:

Can anyone please tell me the name of this music? I fucking love it.

Howie Mandez says:

Just ordered 5 the other day for $15 cant wait till they get here

wAiz says:

Just made an order of some Faceshields hope they come soon so i can use them. =D

Thomas Guthy says:

Anyone else wear it as a headband and its tight?

Commander Revan says:

Is there a way to shrink these?

XxR4z3xX says:

Soy de Perú , como haría!????

emoboy9840 says:

saw the ad on internet somewhere, really liked ordered 8 pack from pakistan, just received mine, unpacked and watching video to see ways i can use them , Really Good Stuff , Thanks SA Fishing <3.

Conscientious Observer says:

Buyer beware! I had 6 items on my order but 5 in the package. I emailed SA about the issue but no response. 🙁

Terrance Shaw says:

What was up with that kiss at the end?

UnformidableWolf says:

got one for my birthday on the 14th of Feb and I did not regret it, they are so useful in a number of different ways. I’m 17 and I don’t go fishing or ride motorcycles but they do keep you warm and like I said can be useful in a lot of different ways along with the amazing designs. I strongly recommend these regardless for whatever you would need one, making you look like a bad ass is another perk lol.

Sean Collins says:

Just brought 5 of these for me and my girlfriend

Chris Oxendine says:

just got mine in today I love them am definitely going to order more of them

Gonçalo Gold says:

They do it to quick

theblackbull55 says:

Got my pack delivered to Europe within a reasonable timespan, you can just tell that the quality is superb when holding the face shield, cant wait to go test them outdoors!

Gerald Chernicoff says:

got you have a slower video or printed instructions ?

Blue Jones says:

how much is shipping

Abood Alrafaa says:

every thing in the video was great but the smile on the dude face irritate me XD

Kevin Jiang says:

Bought these a month ago, just came. Wasn’t to happy with how long but they’re great quality. Also can you make a detailed explanation on the different ways to use these?

nilo foxton says:

she s so lovely

MagMala Memes says:

how do i tie a noose?

Eka _Green says:

la de el final me pone cachondisimo :v

Ardent Potato says:

Ayy, bought one and couldn’t figure out how to use it as a beanie, came here and im satisfied now 😛 Thanks!

Codak Chris says:

cool just got my pack of five came here to see how to wear it haha cool i will use this in the winter when im shooting in the cold !!

JarHead Fishing says:

I just got my 5 shields yesterday, I love them!

Sheev Palpatine says:

Well, Just ordered 5 of the faceshields 2 minutes ago, I have very high expectations on them, why did i buy them? well i just felt like it haha. Thanks SA, cant wait til the 21st of March

The Gurrah says:

Just received a 5 pack today, only problem I have is that if I try to wear the Canadian Flag one on my head, the maple leaf is always upside-down. I did buy 2 scattered maple leaf ones to rectify this potential issue, but maybe you guys might wanna try selling a Canadian Flag one with upside-down maple leafs so that when people wear it on their head, it’s rightside-up. Otherwise the product is pretty good. The material feels like a pocket square that you wear in a business suit, can’t confirm the legitimacy of the 40 SPF protection yet, I’ll get back to you on that one.

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