How to set up a GoPro for Fishing

Tim Little of discusses how to choose the right GoPro and accessories so that you can start filming your fish catches right away!

Products Featured in this video…

GoPro Hero 4 Black:
LCD Bacpac:
Battery Bacpac:
Jaws Flex Clamp:
Suction Cup Mount:

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Texas Rigs N Jigs says:

Great video!

Austin Chapman says:

Buyer Beware on the Suction Cup!!! I had mine securely attached to the top of my outboard and the suction cup broke. The mount is rated for 150mph+ and my boat only goes 60 on a good day. I’ve been in contact with GoPro and they will not replace my camera for their faulty product. I also had the floaty backdoor on and it wasn’t enough to make it float. So if you do use the suction cup, make sure you have something else attached to your gopro in case the suction cup decides to fail on you too!

Michael Cross says:

If you want a cheaper alternative to GoPro try Geekpro. $75 on amazon. GoPro is a much much much higher quality product but for some of us the price is not worth it yet. I started with a geekpro and it was decent. If you can afford a gopro do it but if you’re strapped on cash geekpro is the way to go.

Bowhunter747 says:

Can’t you just get the free gopro app

Marcus Lapworth says:

what software do you use for editing?

M' Lady says:


euromo7 says:

I cant find the limeade battery pack for $40? can you give me a link to where i can buy it?

BassAnglerHQ says:

Another informative video. Nice work Tim.  Just wanted to add something. I know GoPro makes the “Floaty Backdoor”,.. But that doesn’t work with the LCD back. The RedOne Camera Keeper has saved my GoPro several times.

Rochester Sport Fishing says:

What mount do you have the Gopro attached to from the back of the boat. Maybe on the motor, rear light, etc. I would be interested in that.

HawgMobTv says:

Awesome video man!

Buffalo Man says:

Ok so how do you set it up for fishing? Thanks for the advertisement.

Reaper says:

I will never buy gopro brand mounts I go on amazon they have mounts that are made by other companies way cheaper. The frame is $40 it’s a small piece of plastic you can get one on amazon for $5. The clamp mount is between $30-$40 you can get it on amazon for $12.

FishingwithAdam says:

What size SD card let’s you film all day?! or what settings are ya using on the camera to make the SD card last longer. also I have trouble getting the files off my camera have you experienced that?

Anthony Audia says:

Great VId!

Matthew. Rizzi says:

You make awesome videos

Matt Bell says:

No fisherman on a boat can go fishing with a go pro without a floaty.  While you have a  go pro over the water and your trying to adjust your angle and it falls into the water…. well thats 100-500 dollars down the drain.  Just by a floaty for $20 and it will save you from having a heart attack.

Carson Barnhardt says:

Dont buy the jaws flex clamp, its cheap plastic, go to Lowes and get a stainless steel clamp for 4$ and attach an adhesive mount to it, it works way better and is way cheaper. Your welcome

DivingTech says:

Bullshit their $129 hook me up to that shit if it’s true

Andy Bowlin says:

So now the Hero + Lcd version eliminates the need for the skeleton case and lcd pack? And you can just plug in an external battery pack while recording and bungee it to a tripod?

Tyler Adams says:

Tim what do you use to edit most of your videos? Do you stick with the Go pro Studio app or something different? Thanks

Richard Brown says:

Thanks! I’m just now looking into GoPro’s and found this to be valuable info.

Bill Dillon says:

Thanks for the video. I wish I had my GoPro when I had my 19 foot center console for the Chesapeake Bay. A must have for me is the “battery eliminator”. It fits in the GoPro battery compartment and has about a six foot cable with USB connector at the end. Put the USB connector in cigarette lighter or external battery pack. Good to go, especially for very long timelapse shots.

Andrew Oliver says:

Do you use an external mic? Also, I cannot find the “Limeaid” battery you reference. Do you have any links or something like that for finding one?

Josh Thompson says:

What editing software do you use? I’m guessing something that can split the audio track from the video by the way you switch camera angles with no hiccup

Fishing Alabama Waters says:

Good video Bro..

Taco Mafia says:

such beautiful water

CountryBoyFishing405 says:

Which GoPro did you have mounted at the rear of the boat?

GreatestGlow says:

That’s why I bought the GoPro 4 Silver for the screen built in

Fishing Alabama Waters says:

Good video Bro..

TightLineAdventures says:

what are your gopros video settings for the video you just made here looking at you

Mr Tight Lines says:

2:36 in I became a subscriber and appreciate the words you said about how the gopro made you an all around better fisherman.
I have a feeling that once I have the cameras on me the entire time I’m out there, my “sailor mouth” will start to get better over time and more in check. My mouth is terrible..I think a GoPro will make me check myself more, and as you say; I can analyze myself! Since I only started bass fishing last year, this will be the best year for me to start making videos I think. I’m watching all of you amazing youtuber fisherman, and I’m paying attention.

So here I am sir. Checking in. Thanks for the video.

Bountyhunter 8302 says:

thanks I have been thinking about getting a hero 4 so thanks

harris 906145 says:

Where you get your boat

Elmer Fudd says:

Check out the EzCam post. I won one at at a show. Awesome mount!!


will the lcd sreen work with the hero + ?

Ron Bennett Outdoors says:

Great info. Thanks much. Just getting started on youtube & don’t always have a camera man with me. Going to try fishing & filming by myself with one of these and see how it turns out.

Kent Hendrix says:

Awesome vid! Got a new Go Pro and I’m just waiting for the water here in Iowa to thaw!

harris 906145 says:


harris 906145 says:

No but your boat looked really nice

Dustin Edmiston says:

What about microphones?

GDavidfishing says:

Also does it have to be the “go pro ” ciggarette plug in or just any random one?

RD S says:

Good video on the gear….very helpful.  As for helping the fishing….I’ve been fishing Musky for 40 years. I doubt very seriously that reviewing my video will help me catch more Muskies.   But that’s OK.  Thanks again.

lunker012 says:

To view the BacPak you need to look a that tiny screen and climb in an awkward position to get behind the Go Pro when it is mounted someplace or remove it from the mount or open the case to operate the BacPak. That BacPak is also using your camera battery to operate and running down the camera faster. You did not talk about the Go Pro App. Can’t you do everything through the App on your smart phone and skip the BacPak?

Brent Lecompte's Channel says:

Good tips. Thx.

Julie Thornton says:

Awesome ..

nc bmx says:

do you use external mics

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