How to catch carp – Introduction to carp fishing gear -carp kit -Tackle Den

How to catch carp. The Tackle Den in South Cerney, UK.This is an introduction to carp fishing gear (AKA carp kit). A really quick and basic intro to as many pieces of carp fishing gear as i could fit into this video.

If you want to buy carp fishing gear in the US check out

Here are links to more in depth videos about carp fishing and carp fishing gear.
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For more information about carp fishing and how to catch carp go to


James Reed says:

where is a good place to get carp supplies? boilies and method feeders? I can’t find any in WV .

cxl287 says:

Hey can you talk about finding carp at a big body of still water?

MishIshPee ! says:

What line should I use? 10-15 and what brand my local field and stream said spider wire surfix or power pro are they right and what do you use?

Paul Edmonds says:

Wow Luke, this is the most comprehensive quick explanation of Carp gear i’ve ever seen, and I’m from UK where the whole sport has exploded in popularity.

email16v says:

You really don’t need any of this gear. Small hook and can of corn…done. small fly for surface feeding done.

Daniel Tico says:

Thank you

i3i2i4N says:

I think you meant brolly/brollies. as in fishing umbrella. rhymes with lolly. as opposed to broilies.

Brady Schlapkohl says:

Are there any stores like that in Minnesota

Adventures with Frodo says:

Having lived in England, all I could think is it figures.

Fishing&Traveling says:

Great video

Peter Mackowiak says:

Had no idea carp fishing had such a prominence in the world. Might have to investigate this further.

CarpKing says:

Does the hook NEED to be camouflaged? I have gamakatsu circle hooks that are a black color.

Rebel Boy Outdoors says:

where can i find method leads

HobieKayakUp says:

Man, that was a lot of information. I have watched a few of your videos on carp. Like the method leads and the hair rigs. I know a like I want to try carp and catfish about a mile from the house when I get out of this damn desert. LOL. This was really informative. I love your videos and you and the boys have such a goof time. You have a very great wife.

AU ! says:

I can’t wait to go to UK!


Very well explained short video, thanks 🙂

TheRealCasper says:

Wait I Thought You Lived In The US ?

jack noethe says:

please do this for catfishing!!

WalterDeuce says:

This was BY FAR the most informative and complete break down of tackle gear in Youtube history!!! Impressive!!!

louis scott says:

Hi luke, I have been fishing for carp 65 or 70 yrs & never knew about the rigs they use now until about 15 or 20 yrs & I do like the hair. I wish my mother was still alive she would really like them. She always use a real small treble with just enough homemade dough bait to cover hook & she caught lots of fish over the yrs

Sturgeon fishinguk says:

great vids as allways, I think you missed out chum or stick-mix has to be pva friendly, keep up the great work.  tony uk

Chuck U. Farley says:

I’m just going to get me a carp rifle!

W Harris says:

this shop is right near my house

Wayne Reynolds says:

hey Luke, I know u recommend using a small hook for grass carp, cuz they are a wary fish. I’ve been having trouble hooking them tho. any advice?

BornToRunBarefoot says:

It is no coincidence that carp is an anagram for crap.

up church says:

how expensive is the method leads

CavemanJoe says:

When my family fished on the shore at night, we always just stuck a soda or beer can over the tip of the rod as a bite alarm. We always went after catfish though, not carp.

Chris Garza says:

Oh man…….. I will stay with Bass fishing !!

Brad Daniels says:

Hello I have spent all my budget on all my gear for carp fishing but I totally forgot about line I wander if u have spare line for two big ngt reels? All the best and great video keep em coming bud

I fish in Kansas says:

12:23 – 12:52 That’s why I love my Deeper Pro +.

Tiaan B says:

i learn a lot from him

gavin bryant says:

That tracker barrow is crap my friends got one it’s falling apart get yourself a carp-porter there only one to have. Been using mine for over ten years no problems.

jamie wood says:

U said that people should get a rod quiver but u didn’t mention a rod carrial
Personally I tell my friends and other people to stay far away from rod quivers and use the carrial

Aben Mmm says:

Hi buddy. I want some information about some good quality hooks, Rods & reels for carp fishing. As i’m from nagaland india, we don’t get that quality we want….. So plz needs some help…

JonboyCreations says:

Awesome video! I’m ready to go out and buy me some new gear!

Steve Ve says:

Awesome video … where is that store? Around here everything is aimed for fish with teeth.

MishIshPee ! says:

Catfish and carp why don’t you reply to me 🙁

MC D-GAUGE says:

This video was an amazing help. I have loads of gear already but it has helped me realise what I really need

307 Fishing says:

Like half of this stuff was just expensive camping gear

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