Guru Fusion Luggage – Is It All That? Fishing Tackle Review

Joe takes a look at the Guru Fusion luggage that is quite literally the talk of the match fishing town at the moment!

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Jeff Ortega says:

Thanks for review Joe and brilliant result for you and Rob in feeder master pairs well done both

gary smith says:

Hi Joe hope you are doing a review on the new preston xs90 pole soon as they look really gud but would like to no what you think cheers

paul burt says:

Fifty quid for a plastic bait bag that’ll cook yer bait in summer instead of keeping it cool, I don’t get that at all

Andrew Wright says:

Fishing tackle catches more anglers than fish.

Dean Rogers says:

Hi Joe, can give you a review now have some, fusion base is not worth £90 it’s winter so dont carry much bait and mines full and I’ve also discarded some items which I got all in a daiwa deluxe carryall! Fusion net not sure about 4 nets I’ve got 2 and 3 landing nets might get another net at a push, side tray pocket is very tight for my daiwa side tray and if you stand it on end the velcro just rips open due to the weight and gapes quite far out. Both these items have long shoulder straps which aren’t needed and should be removable because made to fit on trolleys, shouldn’t be taking scissors to something that costly! Finally the Fusion pole holdall is by far the best item looks great and everything nicely packs inside especially the longer sections of the daiwa poles, also get the brolly in aswell if needed. I wont be buying the bait bag as it will be just a microwave in the summer. Few things there to pass on to the guru boys! Great for the tackle tarts like me tho lol. All the best and keep up with the vids

Trevor Or says:

Farther Christmas likes you Joe. I don’t think I’ve been very good lol that’s all very nice see you soon

Steve Melmore says:

O put my clothing in the bottom section of the fusion base

Liam P says:

This is a game changer!! All the others need to up their game because that luggage looks the bee’s knees. Wish I could afford it to replace my Drennan stuff which leaks like a sieve.

Peter Duffin says:

Just bought the Base carryall. Pretty pleased with it although the zips stick a bit. I fitted two small Boss pole rollers and other bits in the base section. So ok if you have small rollers.

Robert Coombs says:

Just adding to that Joe, and that was really well covered by the way. I’ve just unwrapped mine and about to put into practical use. I feel the fixed straps / being undetachable could be slightly annoying, I’ve already decided to cut mine off. Also the clips on the base felt a little cheap when compared to all the other quality details on the various Guru luggage. I can also imagine detaching the base getting mud on the underside, forgetting and then dirtying the widow section, cleaning this could become an unnecessary obsession. And the thing that is causing me the pain is the Fusion 800 will not stand upright within larger base section, it can only lay flat. The gauge of EVA used feels really good, and hopefully a retrospective foil insert becomes available for the Fusion bait. I’m pleased the gear has finally landed, and overall its Good to Great. I’m sure that delay cannot be intentional the time proximity from concept to delivery was agonising!

Shane Harrold says:

I won’t be changing from my Diawa tournament and airity luggage any time soon. That bait bag is like a microwave with a handle. Never change from guru terminal tackle but luggage is a no no for me

Vince Dowling says:

Maybe would buy the holdall, the rest no, nothing really stand out for me. You know nothing with come and get this appeal.

Chad Tremble says:

Still think for the feeder angler the preston world champ luggage takes some beating although my zip has gone already on the large carryall which is slightly disappointing

j reggz says:

Hi Joe off topic here but any advice on a 12ft pellet waggler? What’s good out there now at a £100-150 price point.

Chris Durnin says:

Great looking luggage, the clip on base is definitely a great idea and can be used for a number of things!
good video Joe

Mar0 81 says:

Hey Joe, could you review the new “supera” series from Preston

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