GoPro Underwater DOME PORT vs $10 FISH BOWL

I was going to properly review the Telesin GoPro dome port and got the idea of comparing it against a regular old fish bowl from Pet Smart (in Canada) – and then realized that dome ports don’t work unless you have 4 important environment components working together.
0:00 – 6:00: Product description / detail / build notes
6:00-8:00 – 4 factors you need to actually make a dome port work and turn out good footage.
ONE LINK to all my GEAR: (My KIT)

Fish Bowl $9.99 at your local pet store!

Turns out you need 4 element factors for a perfect dome port shot:
1. Crystal Clear Water
2. Blue Sunny Sky
3. Super calm water
4. No drops on the dome

Edited by: Gavin Peacock (IG: @gpeacock1 )


Xxx tentacion says:

Video starts at 9:15 and ends at 9:20 thank me later

The Dive Wagon says:

Good thoughts there, keep up the good work 🙂

Devin Brown says:

bruh you talk to much, all you needed to do was put the fish bowl and the dome in the water, no offense so you get better views

timexironman100m says:

they used to say models were dumb…699 for a dome port ? dumb..

James McLean says:

I live near tobermory have you been to the grotto

iStudLion says:

Ddduuuuuddderee he kept repeating the same thing over and over. I had to keep skipping until they actually dove and test.

Tommy Hammernots says:

I dont know why Im here but jesus christ get on with it already.

plebstopping pug says:

you talk way to munch

Sheat Lin Loy says:

The booty

Ralyk Studios says:

First, aren’t Gopros waterproof? Second, if they aren’t then they come with underwater housing usually?

Ford79776 says:

I didn’t click for the stupid camera bs who else on the same page as me…lmao

Trickshots Weekly says:

Hey what’s the intro song

StudioKarteris / MagicCarpet Productions says:

You have that money and you dont buy a camera

Candice Wadman says:

Ughhh he talks waaaay to much, like if you agree

Tyler Fitch says:

Video starts at 10:45

Jamesthekiller25 says:

Stfu already all that talking

jake carroll says:

Your using your girlfriend’s flat ass for views

djm299 says:

OMG can’t even call that music… Turn off that squeaky noise!!

ParKer.J says:

u can get the one of the gopro things for like 20 to 30 dollars lmao

Vaisakh Venu says:

what the fuck are you saying just do the Comparison

Slav Serbian Soldier SSS says:

6 minute talking just to reach 10 -____-

Pablo Rages says:

Go Pro must make a friggin fortune from every one they sell …how can they charge SO much for them !


Nice butt shot at the beginning

piotrek przekliniak says:

hand up for your ass on video 10:38 m/

Frank Vazquez says:

This was actually THE MOST BORING VIDEO EVER!!!!!!

111danish111 says:

Orgasmic video quality !! I’m watching this on my six year old i3 laptop at 720p and I am very impressed . Which camera did you film this video with ??

mitchellb33 says:

Did he ever review the products or just talk for 11 minutes?

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