GoPro Sportsman Mount for Guns/Rifles/Fishing Rods/CrossBows – REVIEW

With the Sportsman Mount you can mount your Hero Camera to your shotgun, rifle, pistol, fishing rod, speargun, airsoft or paintball gun. Fits 0.4″ to 0/9″ (10mm to 23mm) diameter barrels, fishing rod grips and bow components, etc.
The Sportsman Mount will also allow you to mount a second camera to film forwards and rearwards at the same time!  You can also mount your Hero camera below or to the side of your gun barrel or fishing rod. The Sportsman Mount is made from non-reflective material and coloured matte black to reduce glare. Perfect for stealthy missions!

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FaZe Harambe says:

I hunt and hoe can I mount it under the barrel and have the camera face upright (( I just got a GoPro)$

al ghazaly mohammed says:


Bo Ek Houl says:

Great vid, thank you.
Will the sportsman mount fit the older model of Gopro such as HERO 2?

Capt Daves Sportfishing Charters says:

Been using “other ways” and my Jaws on rods. Send me your’s, cuz them don’t look like fisherman hands to me, I can’t afford one. And I’ll even take off $75.00 if you come to Florida and fish on my charter boat! I’ll send ya my address…10-4??

iftibashir says:

GoPro Hero and Hero4 in-depth reviews on their way very soon!
Stay tuned!!

Tristan Anderson says:

How to put it on a bow

Uriel Morales says:

How much one of this?

ShyFilmsStudios says:

Do you buy all the accessories you review? I can see that getting expensive. Or do you get them sponsored or just borrow them for review.

jin kaz says:

Any chance reviewing go pro hero 4 black or sliver editions

LawnTractorBoy says:

I have just bought one for my air riffle and fishing rod. I will use it on the roof rack of my land rover as well

Hayden Gregory says:

Can I still hook my hero 5 to this? Without that backdoor just the bottom parrallel plastic mount with the screw through it?

Will Gibb says:

How on earth do you have enough money to buy all the GoPro accessories

Frederick Jones says:

like I always expect. Great Review….

SicilianSweatshop says:

This mount looks very confusing

Steve O says:

Your awesome at videos

Jerry Aksteter says:

I have a phantom 2 & a h3-3d gamble. I have no control of the h3-3d Gamble from my ndj6 controler I think I need the Web site to download the connection.

kgsupremacy says:

Can you attach a GoPro on the Sportsman Mount no using the provided backdoor cover mount? Using the regular mounting of GoPro (located at the bottom of the unit)?

Muvi Atom says:

That must cost an arm to by all the mounts and cameras. Do u have a fought Estimate on all the price

Dylan Harris says:

Can it work with the 2014 hero

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