Getting Started In Fly Fishing – Episode 11 – Necessary Accessories

In this episode of Getting Started in Fly Fishing, Brian Flechsig breaks down the most important accessories to have that will get you started on the right track. Let us know what you think!

Accessories In This Video:


Eco Budget Fly Fishing Nippers:
Our Favorite Premium Nippers:


6″ Eco Budget Fly Fishing Hemostats:
Dr. Slick Creek Clamps:

Fly Floatant:

Gink Fly Floatant:
Fly Agra Fly Floatant:

Split Shot:

Budget Eggo Split Shot Dispenser:
Super Doux Lead Split Shot Packs:

Srike Indicators:

Lightning Strike Indicators:
1″ Air-Lock Strike Indicators:
Loon Biostrike putty Indicator:
Loon Tip Topper Yarn Indicators:
Float Master Strike Indicators:

Polarized Eye Wear:

Budget Polarized Eye Wear:
Smith Optics High End Eye Wear:

Fly Fishing Gear:

Simms Pro Vest:
Budget Redington Vest:
Fishpond Sling Pack:
Simms G4 Pro Waders:
Budget Redington Waders:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We are always here to help.








Toby Rey says:

But I must have my Maui Jim prescription polarized sunglasses!

Kou-Lai Chang says:

Fly-agra: best thing created!

Benjamin Kelly says:

A net?

Will O'Brien says:

This series is absolutely amazing. I’ve subscribed to the channel and hopefully one day I’ll make it out to Ohio to your shop!

Chris Smith says:

Great video and very informative with some great humour

Joshua Kennedy says:

Thanks for simplifying things. Jargon (like “strike indicator”) is one thing that has put me off of fly fishing, just like many of the other things you’ve pointed out in this series. I would add nippers = clippers and hemostat = pliers.

Kjmathews Doesitall says:

What movie

Charlie Hustle says:

Your videos are great! How about dipping a yarn strike indicator in Flyagra? I am, however, tired of the kinks in my leader…

007neipy says:

Thanks for my first lesson. you reminded me the last man standing . I hope I didn’t mess the name of the show…,. Tim Allen ?

Aaron Osorio says:

Or if your province says by law that your hooks must be barbless

Tony Power says:

Cool still here

Peter says:

awesome series!

Nathan Bollinger says:

Great series. Very helpful. Thanks

Kirk Phillips says:

Where do I get those glasses/cheaters??

Carlos Razo says:

o got a treble hook in my back my friend puled it out i heard my skin pop as he pulled out

Arnhem 3 says:

this series is fantastic

Nicolas Lim says:

I love this series… If you want to be nice to the fish, just stay home! Brilliant…

Kelly Phillips says:

Great information,… love your shows . I can’t wait to get started this Spring

Patrick Anlauf says:

Good to know. I am waiting to pick up a brand new fly fishing combo and know nothing about this sport but it looks like much fun’

Russ Rydberg says:

Great. I am watching this video at work, and the warning on the FlyAggra bottle made me laugh out loud!

Trent b says:

What rod and reel oufit for around $100 would you recommend for a beginner for trout and small bass?

Princejason Douglas says:

G ad

Trap Shooter says:

After 11 straight episodes thank you Brian I have so much more confidence in my fly fishing.

James Cooper says:

Flattened barbs make it easier to unhook a fish or a finger. Especially when fishing with a 9 year old.

Mike Salanick says:

Another great video.. Recommendations/advice on where to place split shots and strike indicators on a fly rod system?

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