GAME WARDEN Encounter – TROUT MAGNET Creek Fishing

I did some creek fishing in West Virginia. It was a cold and windy day but I grabbed my chest waders and headed to one of my favorite creeks to try catching some fish. I used my ultra light rod and reel paired with a Trout Magnet. I was not targeting a specific species. I was fishing for multi species and whatever would bite. Towards the end of my fishing adventure, I was approached by a game warden. I haven’t had a game warden encounter in quite some time.

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fablekk vlogs says:

looked like a creek chub honestly i use them as catfish bait

Kody Engle says:

Where at in wv i libe in roane county and looking for some good places to fish this season

Ryno Dynomyte says:

Good fishing buddy! It’s a good thing the warden was nice!

Vapesters Lounge says:

Cool I live I. Huntington wv man, where u at in wv? I just got my license and trout stamp today, we should meet up and do some fishing. I always been nothing but a cat fisherman and bluegill and stuff like that for catfish bait lolm.. but the last few months b4 the winter I accidentally hooked into a almost 4lb large mouth by dragging s night crawler across the top of the water from my mom’s and dad’s boat while we was moving st beech form lake and it got me hooked and my buddy took me to a trout pay lake in Ashland my and turned me onto trout fishing so today I bought a few new trout set ups and some of these trout magnets and that 2nd fish looked like a super fat chub. Whatever it is it’s be good catfish bait lol…. email me if your semi close to Huntington,

Michael Ramsey says:

Most game wardens in Va won’t let you go to the truck to get your license. Must be “on your person”. I keep my wallet in a ziploc bag to keep it dry in case I slip and fall in the water.

Ryan Kerby says:

Love your fishing videos

Reel Canadian Fishing says:

its a huge creek chub

Vapesters Lounge says:

I’m pretty sure those r just creek chubs.. just lighter colored because the cooler water

Fishing and Hunting with Koda Cannon says:

That’s a Creek Chub they live in creeks and they are great bait

John's Fish Tales says:

In Florida, we have an app that stores our hunting and fishing licenses on a smart phone.

Paul Kolodziej says:

it is a kind of shiner dont no exact name

Legendary Outdoors says:

You’re second fish is an American shiner. They make awesome catfish bait in our area. I’m from the Eastern Panhandle also

aj qd says:

Nice footage Fish Hawk. This summer was the first time in about 15 years that I was asked by the conservation officer (we simply refer to them as COs). I was easily twice the COs age lol. Would you be willing to divulge the rod and reel that you used? I’m looking at picking up my first ultra light combo for next spring. At the moment, the waters are frozen over in chilly Saskatchewan.

Luke Villalobos says:

What color trout magnet do you use.

fablekk vlogs says:

i went up to Shenandoah nation forest and went hunting past 3 days

caleb subock says:

It’s a juvinille fall fish

JOmSHMUA says:

it was either a creek chub or a shiner a baitfish either way

Christopher Flesch says:

It looks like a big shiner

Ryan Kerby says:

I think that fish is a creek chub

Craig Longhurst says:

Its def a Chub ,,,,Trout egg eating fish

Pete Centofonti says:

Where in West Virginia are you I’m in Hampshire County

Gentle Giant says:

Big shiners, creek chub have horns I think. Looks like awesome cut bait.

Sawyer Rodeheaver says:

I have millions of them up here in the panhandle they are called common shiners they are the prettiest during the spawn usually bite small little grubs or worms really good catfish and big bass bait

Wayn Jul says:

Those creek chub look like fun. Some channels trash the wardens. If you fish or hunt you should
know they are going to be watching you and may ask for your license. They are here to help.

Prime Catch says:

Haha good improvising with the audio problem

DirtBike Nation says:

Hey man, great video!! Been watching u for a while now and love ur vids! Keep making videos!

Spiral_Ash9147 says:

The fish are called Creek Chub

Ben Martin says:

Nice man defintely looks like a huge creek chub.

Lookin forward to some trout videos! Try takin a trip to upper seneca creek for some native brookies, I had great luck up there. Good place to do a little fly fishing if youre in to that but you will also slay with trout magnet, gulp minnow, or worms.

Amill's Outdoors Channel says:

That is a creek Chubb

Clayton Foster says:

it looks like a carp

steel salad says:

You do a great job with your videos. You will get to 1000 subs no problem.

oh hai says:

Usually I get bored easily with longer vids, but I loved every minute. You def keep it interesting and informational. Keep up the good work! 1k is right around the corner 😉

Clayton Foster says:

we get those out here in calif

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