Future Beach 126 Fishing Kayak – Installed Accessories

Future Beach 126 Fishing Kayak with rear mounted transducer.


Mark Schwendau says:

Nice job. I have one and it makes my back sore. I am looking for a better seat with a higher back.

dmger14 says:

Oh, and I used leashes too that are very good to have when your paddle pops off (I use taco clip), which can happen. I also use leashes for my rods. What cart do you have? With the di hull mine was hard to put on the cart without the wheels moving/chanting to the side.

The Hound says:

Where did you buy all those accessories

Parker May says:

this is for sure going to be my setup. nice

N L says:

Is this only good for lakes? Or can it go in open waters

Douglas Green says:

That is a bad ass setup.  Now that you have experience using it in the bay, how do you like it for fishing? Would it be ok for semi-rough bay water?  I am seriously thinking about picking up two of these FB 126’s that are on sale now for fishing the bay in Ocean City Maryland but want to be sure it is a good boat for most bay conditions.  Thanks!

Ashton Hand says:

all I hear is uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh…… transducer uh uh uh uh uh…. 28 gauge um um um um um um

oliver stone says:

Good ideas on the transducer mounting. I bought same Kayak and mounted by using side ram Mount. works good but like your idea better. Anchor trolley system is my next item up. I love this Yak, had mine for three yrs now and just actually putting different things on it. thanks for video.

Solamito says:

Make sure if you go salt water fishing you make the fish finder water proof, I’ve found that these kayaks take on water pretty easily

T. Jones says:

Is the Scotty rod holder in a good location for you?

Down_south Jsouth says:

What length paddle do you use?

M Thomas says:

I’m looking into getting this particular yak. Are you able to stand up and fish?

Brandonb8621 says:

What did you use to hold your paddles

WinstonAveTv says:

I have the same exact yak…turn rod holders around so the rods aren’t sticking out as if I were trollin n added a paddle holder…ready to install anchor trolley…wondering if u could do a reenactment of ur anchor install with details on placement of pulley mounts

Douglas Green says:

Here is a link to my video I made last night after putting in the measurements to mark fish.   Clearly, it was heavily influenced by what you did to yours, so thanks again.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VP73ETsyvU

Craig Banach says:

i’ll be buying 1 of those in the next few weeks hopefully! it will also be my first kayak

dmger14 says:

Just wanted to say I used it quite a bit this past week. The setup is great. I had no back problems either and am 5′ 11.5″. My change will be to have a plastic cup to bail if I do take on water with a wave or boat wake. Not a cheapie that will split but a beer cup you get at a bar that will bend. I can probably clip it on with a binder clip. I do still need to learn a little more about the best sonar to use, as I did have some pages with black throughout even though I had noise reduction on max. Down scan worked great and showed fish.

FatKat Sapper says:

Thanks man can’t wait to see it!

Cameron Baldwin says:

Hey just giving you a shout out. Probably the most helpful video on a transducer mount. Made a replica of your install and looks/works fantastic. The only difference is did was use a Hobie wiring kit for the wire. Good Job and thanks!!

Drew White says:

uh um uh um uh um

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