Fishing With The Cranka Crab: A Fisherman’s Review — Starlo Get Reel

The innovative “Cranka Crab” lure, designed by Aussie lure maker Steve Steer, certainly looks the goods… and it is! But many anglers are unsure how to fish it. In this video, I show you how I fish it, and give you my best tips for success.


Tim Vincent says:

The other way to use it is drop vertically over pylons and sit it there. Few twitches occasionally and it gets smashed.

Matthew Rad says:

What lb line were you using?

SL says:

that music was spooky for a hard body review

Gunny Caleb says:

What reel were you using?

troopy bush bangers says:

Great video Starlo, wonder how snag resident they are

blake couling says:

What fish can u catch with it

Tom Freedom 0806493306 says:


Sean c says:

How are they on the flatty

KOI says:

What is the leader that you used

Michael Barquin says:

can u use this crab for red and trout.

Cody Thornton says:

Keep up the good work mate love it


fucken waste of money farken farrk farrrk fallluauauaarrrrrrk i love cranka like cranking my dick

Guy Strudel says:

interested in using these cranka crabs now. shame bushy isn’t in these videos i hear starlo isn’t fishing with bushy as much anymore because bushy always gets into punch ups at the boat ramp. aggressive guy but lethal with his fists.

what to cook ? says:

Great video mate, just a quick question do you recommend the 50mm cranka crab or the 65mm crab because I’m not sure which size will be more effective

Spaghetti Yeti says:

How is it with rough terrain and rough waters

Salah Ali says:

My favorite fish just bought few. Is using a scent is a must

Andy's Fishing Wild Cook says:

Next we will get rob-crabs. They look so real, sometimes I think they should be illegal, ha ha ha.

Music Islife says:

At 23 bucks a pop you gotta skull drag em out of the snags before they break you off!

Wog As says:

in summer i kill the bream on them in hour one day i got 22 bream every cast was a bream best part they always take it on the drop.

V6Arese says:

Amazing ! I’ll try it in france…

Victorian Bream Chaser says:

great video of my favorite lure. well done Starlo

Gills-N-Thrills says:

This would be great for tog fishing. where can i get em’?

Dog Dude Drone says:

Sweet video, well done!

Trung Lê says:

What model of Daiwa Battler were you using there? Besides, what do you think about using a snap for this lure? Would it affect the perf of the lure in anway?

Mitchs Fishing Adventuers mid north coast says:

a sweet lure indeed i love them

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