Fishing Tackle box! For Beginners

Click The Link to watch me fishing.


Isaac Garcia says:

Your not a pro if you can’t call all you bait the right thing and call a largemouth bad a bigmouth bass.

Caelan Farlee says:

Nice cat toy!!

Hailey Barton says:

If half of you knew the world around you, you would not be bullying this poor guy.

He is passionate about fishing and that is more than any if you can say, such as i, i love fishing and have memory issues cannot tell you names to save my life

Jared Rice says:

Knows nothing about fishing and calls them gummy worms.

Fishing life WA says:

Dude don’t listen to the haters coz they are just dicks I am gonna sub coz you seem like a really nice guy

CanadianCharlie64 says:

You need some Red Wigglers, they are the cadillac of worms

Fishing life WA says:

Oh and that last thing is called a fly

Service NJ says:

Thank you Peter Frampton

Drew Geer says:

lol hes a professional he doesn’t get tangled…..

Kolby smith says:

That was a good video good job man but its called a large mouth bass and those are grubs that you called a gummy worm but i liked your video

Jacob Nelson says:

Since when did jigs look like spiders and seaweed.

Christian Matus says:

Nice vid Matthew

Xxfishingkid9xX says:

cool vid

Howell Cobb says:

Don’t be haters awesome vid Matthew

John Garcia Garcia says:

seems like your enjoying yourself. keep having a good time. nice vid.

Ben's Outdoors says:

sir i am sorry you are not a pro you suck.buuuuut if you want to get better come check out my channal! i can help!

Thomás Higgins says:

BTW slot of subs Man lol haha


Dont worry guys the gloves are for a self evaluation after the video…

Cats Suck says:

ThatGuyMatt i was reading the comments saying you’re not a pro or you suck. Just keep trying you can only get better. Practice makes perfect.

Gavin J. says:

Yep 5 pound bass

Yeti Invasion-Grace says:

Why were you wearing gloves?

The Northwoods Sportsman says:

I have that exact box

Dang! Davin says:

if ur a pro u would not call solft plastics gummies

Christian Matus says:

Back off haters

Jared Rice says:

He says he is a pro I’m dying. Watch out for the big mouth bass.


A three pound crappie? Your defiantly a poser and liar

Brittany Wright says:

Dude I’m 11 and I know 10 times more than you that seaweed and spider is called a jig

Destyns banita fishing says:

is it toxic (:

Thomás Higgins says:

NOT alot of baits dude

Fishing life WA says:

Why is everyone hating on this guy he is helping some people so why don’t you guys make one of these vids and we can compare them

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