Best Walmart Fishing Gear for Beginners – Rods, Reels, Lures, Tackle

Walmart Fishing Challenge picking out the best combos, rod, reels, gear, lures, tackle, baits, and poles for under $25. I love helping people get into fishing and hope this how-to video helps out some beginners!

Beginners Fishing List:
1. Rod and Reel (at least 5’6″ long, prefer spinning reels).
– Best Walmart Brands: Ugly Stick/ Shakespear, South Bend, Diawa, and Abu Garcia)
2. 10lb test line
3. Swivels, split shot weights, a pack of 1/2 ounce weights
4. Bobbers
5. Worms and inline spinners (blue fox) are a MUST at walmart
6. Nail clippers (to cut line)
7. Hooks (assortment pack from size 3 to 1/0)

Cameras used to film video:
GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition:
Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Instagram: anglers_escape

Thanks for watching, and as always, Good Luck Fishing!


Scooter909 Games says:

i got the old south bend rod today that same one…

Michael says:

What kind of fish can I catch with the southbend rod? My girlfriend is going to teach me how to fish.

cheese6267 says:

I have the same combo heading back to Walmart to pick up those a few things you showed in the video thanks

CoolerKat 06 says:

I have the same reel the combo at walmart

Leila Thompson says:


Buzz 35 says:

you should consider doing videos where you go to parks and local ponds.

Terry Miller says:

20K subscribers, 90 appreciative viewers, and 3 boy-band haters.

They Hunger says:

I wanna learn to fish so I can’t catch a couple blue girls for my fish tank also hopefully one day I can teach my kids to fish, sad story I never got to experience this when I was a child but hopefully I can be a generation in my family that does

black Naruto says:

No love for the zebco slingshot

scott grizzle says:

I’ve got a gx2 uglystick with a abu garcia cardinal sx40 spinning reel and it’s a great combo from Walmart

Robert Uthe says:

Love your practical videos.I am 63 and been using spincast reels my whole life. They may not look cool but I have caught a lot of nice fish and have eaten good. Keep up the good work.

vinny thehourshower says:

I’m 28 and was never taught how to fish. Will be taking my 7 year old son to fish for the first time. Thanks for the tips.

Xj-off-road Jeep says:

Great video

Nick Desert says:

Than uuu sooooo muuuuchhh

IU Nature Woman KY says:

Thank you…for this video! I just went and bought some of this stuff. It’s so confusing with all of the fishing selection.

CoachGregAdams says:

Nice video. Thanks for the info!

J.T. Cooper says:

I was looking at that same ugly stick spinning combo at Walmart last week. Nice combo for $30.

Sergio Ayala says:

There any difference between a cabelas Gx2 and A Walmart one? Or same same?

Starburst says:

Sorry I’m a little late to this video Zach but this is good for begginers and even intermediate fisherman so great vid Zach

Mr. Mussels says:

did he just call fishing line string?
thumbs down u googen

J.T. Cooper says:

I got the Ugly Stik combo for $29 at Walmart today.

The Fish Dimension says:

These are really great beginner videos. It seems like second nature once you do it for a while, but it’s easy to forget how bad we all were when we start. Had a buddy who told me he did stuff like use huge sinkers while panfishing, lol. I, myself, had no idea what to do with most lures. I used to throw out frogs into open deep water and just reel them steadily back, lol. Vids like this are great for just showing the basics of how to start and not look like a fool. Nice work!

Gene Villarreal says:

With the in line spinners do you add a swivel to it or just the spinner to the line? Also do you fish with the spinners in rivers , lakes what works better?

kevin espina says:

nice video for a newbie here. can i shoot a question? so, when you use a spinner, you don’t need a bobber and a sinker?

jamani1086 says:

this is my kind of gear, good job zack!

Ted hill says:

So these blue fox spinners work good for bluegill?

Alex Cheney says:

Don’t get a South bend rod the reels strip easy

neffennnn says:

This dude looks like a mix of Perkz and Rekkles from League

Pastor Peewee says:

Speaking to fast so I had to rewind alot but great video nice information man

Ninja k says:

Walmart should endorse you. Lol made me want to try fishing.

Chris Kunsak says:

Again… another great video. Great job!!

fishing freak says:

I caught a 5lb smallmouth using that southbend reel on an old abu garcia i bought on a garage sale and both of them handled very well

CoolerKat 06 says:

Nice video

Airsoft Jesus says:

nice video

James Pataray says:

Ugly stick is a good brand for saltwater fishing

charlesskier says:

I know you get good deals at these giant places like Walmart. I think the local mom and pop tackle shops should get some promos too.

rod whisperer says:

What walmart is that

Blake Williams says:

This video was great, and just what i needed. Just getting started fishing again now that my boys are a little older and want me to take them fishing. I feel so much better about knowing what we need to get started. Thank you so much and I love your channel.

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