Best Sling Bag Under 40 Dollars LIGHTWEIGHT Product review Fishing Tackle Backpack #Hookeminthemouth

Best Sling Bag Under 40 Dollars LIGHTWEIGHT Product review Fishing Tackle Backpack #HOOKEMINTHEMOUTH . Product review PISCIFUN Fishing , Unboxing of PISCIFUN sling bag backpack for fishing. Under 40 dollars. Its very lightweight for you fishing supplies . HOOKEM IN THE MOUTH. You will have all the gear you need in this Piscifun Best sling bag under 40 dollars. Check out this REVIEW Of a lightweight fishing backpack to HOOKEM IN THE MOUTH! SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON NOW PLEASE !! SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL! SHARE THIS EPISODE WITH YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS! HOLLA AT YA BOY!!! (Leave a comment)Just a ordinary man. His rods and his reels. His Hobie Kayak and Roundabout loaded for the battle. His mission, to find as many different species and the biggest fish the inshore , river, lake, pond canal and the ocean has to offer. To find them and to make sure the HOOK UP is fair. Engaging in battle one fish at a time.One Man,One Fish the tests of wills. As WE win the War when WE HOOKEM IN THE MOUTH! #fishing #fishingbag #bag
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Enthusiastic Fisherman says:

Man that thing has EVERYTHING!


Very cool hookem in the mouth . I like 1 strap

Jake Deal says:

Looks like a great backpack for the money

Celeste Lindsay says:

Very cool bag there.

14theroad1955 says:

Nice video Charles, I too have a collection of Penn spinners and reels, that I love ,but last spring I purchased a Piscifun Torrent and have been fishing that reel hard and it has held up really well, now Im thinkng of buying a couple of spinners from them…Tight lines to you bro..

Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

Man wouldn’t you know it. I already ordered me a Piscifun Caos 50. It’s already on my BCF rod…I will be giving it a go and put it through its paces for sure…Wish I had seen this before I purchased…Oh well no biggie…The Piscifun is right inexpensive as is…

Juanita Humphrey says:

How much is it?

BadgerFarmGirl says:

Wish it was warmer here in Wisconsin.. not really… great video as always! I need to check them out!

Josh Green Adventures says:

heck yea Charles thats a sick backpack right there, holla at ya boy JG!!!!!!!

Johana Flemister says:

Charles you gave us the HOOK UP! lol

Yer rosenbeck says:

Piscifun is SHIT!

Lauren Herrington says:

Very nice bideo my friend!

Michael Henry says:

Your videos suck dude! HAHA

Paaayful says:

They have nice gear. I like Piscifun!

Eduardo Nobles says:

I seen a scale and fish grips.

Abraham Jazmin says:

I like Shimano reels not cheap crap.

Calvin's Corner72 says:

Hook em up! Nice bag it should help make fishing more organized. Thanks for passing it on. Thanks buddy for playing my SEC challenge this year. I loved the fun we had. Get in on them bowl games. I got that video coming.
Camouflage is the best. Hallah

Fishing With Vance says:

Nice BAG Charles.. one shoulder strap… haha. Hookem. Holla.

Casual Carolina Fishing says:

Nice Charles! Looks like a good bag for bank fishing where you’re doing a lot of walking and casting. Looks roomy too. You can get a lot of stuff in there! Is it water proof in case it rains?

Evelina Felten says:

It looks good for light days on the bank.

Bobbie Howard says:

Check out my channel nice video!

Trenton Lamont says:

hi hook master nice bag.

Piscifun says:

You are going to carry plenty stuff with this bag. Meanwhile, check out this video to see what you can do with this bag:

Heidi Shepard says:

This was a cool video. Go with Family

Wes Vandoren says:

I like the code! Thanks for sharing my friend.

CCTV Exclusive says:

New frnd hug++ wow super fishing by hook. Great hook Master


That looks like a pretty good sling pack, I cant seem to make up my mind on what I like to use for carrying tackle. I keep going back and forth between that kinda stuff.

bobbi Mennella says:

wow wow wow wow wow wow Cooooooool!

chungeyesxx says:

Can I get a shoutout? Please.

Dana Bemis says:

Thanks Charles !

Louise Britton says:


1Cast 1Fish says:

I see more and more and more people using there gear…I have yet to try any myself…but might have to give it a go.

Mark Shanley says:

What is your favorite reel by Piscifun? I like the Torrent!

Grover Micaela says:

how long have you used Piscifun equipment.

Fat Robs Fishing says:

Solid review! I enjoy your vids

Michael Silvester says:

Thanks for the discount code!

BassGeek says:

Nice bag man.

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