Battle for Azeroth Fishing | BFA Profession Review

Battle for Azeroth has a lot of changes to fishing. Everything is pretty easily understandable, but there’s a lot, so it’s worth going through if you want to save time when BFA starts. Good luck and happy fishing!
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Ehpic says:

how the heck do you learn track fish on a new character? I have it on all my old characters but a new hunter i boosted doesn’t have it, i’ve done fishing daily in stormwind every day for like 3 weeks and no luck.

TtheWriter says:

Very informative, thank you for the video! 😀

Spankin DaBagel says:

I get one or two rays for every few hundred casts. I’ve got about 6 so far.

I'm APotato says:

I’ve already gotten 5 rays ez

esketit gang says:


UnCortadoPorFavor says:

Currently at 4500 casts. No mount.

WCML Traction says:

I liked… please dont steal my pools

Rigo Ros says:

Must go fishing, thank you 🙂

WTBGold says:

Second BNet Community is live!
Other Notes:
1. The level rework makes fishing pole/bait bonuses (+15 fishing, all that) feel good again. Unfortunately there isn’t a benefit to going past max as far as I know.
2. I did not fish any Expulsom during my testing.
3. All the explosions were from 5 seconds of Commando with Arnold Swarzenduger. Movie’s freakin ridiculous.

Lemanakmelo says:

The fishing sounds in the video are stressing me out. I keep thinking I left my character fishing and forgot about it.

Stefan Grecu says:

I am afraid to fish ever since I saw the Azshara Warbringer 🙁
The fish know all the secrets. They know the cold. They know the dark.

Tyler Caudill says:

You sound exactly like Neal Brennan, that drove me through a loop for a solid 5 minutes. Great video though thanks!

FlareStorm99 says:

The explosions have sold me.

Slaughterrific says:

Can you still get the fishing artifact? I need one on my new mag’har

Nicholas Martinez says:

Can I use any old rod and get the same fishing?

Edwin Bouwhuis says:

lol i got the mount after 4 casts on a toon who just got fishing as a profession from the dock in boralus

BYOB Torque says:

the mid night fish is not only at night. I got one around 4:45

Tony DeAlba says:

10-15 cast and I got the great searay

Leems says:

So far, around 320~ casts, maxed fishing and no great sea ray yet. How long did it take for you to get it on live, though?

Mat Coleman says:

i just fished a midnight salmon at 12:19pm server time

lonegymnast says:

the sound effects in this video ruined so many of my casts 🙁

Rekstafa says:

Hours for midnight salmon are wrong, i just caught 3 of them at around 6-7pm server time.

Alessio says:

Over 1900 cast and still no get it.. Maybe is nerfed?

Tut Tut says:

Midnight fish are good for quick evades when you get overwhelmed in world PvP. That low cast time 😉

Arik Stoops says:

I’m close to 10,000 casts and still no sea ray

Brent Mccollom says:

It’s 7:45 am server time and I’m getting midnight salmon. 7 in the last 30 minutes. Also screw you lol getting from 139 fishing to 140 took me 12 casts

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