Bass Fishing For Beginners – What Lures and Tackle do You Buy First – How to Fish

In this bass fishing for beginners, how to fish video I go to Sportsman’s Warehouse and walk you through the first lures, tackle box, and tackle that you should buy to get started.
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StarOmnivore says:

been a fisherman my whole life but only really went for trout and saltwater. This was perfect for me so i could get good info and not have someone there explaining to me everything there is to know about fishing like i don’t all ready know it.

Alain Fernandez says:

Love this video, I liked how you showed everything and kept it simple, most videos I’ve watched the individual never shows, just tells. #morevidsplease

Frank Mclain says:

Man. Can’t believe people pay $6 for a pack of hooks. I get the Wal Mart .88 cent special

Diesel Speaks says:

Thanks man I really enjoyed that! Keep up the good work man!

Lucas Cady says:

Nice beginner selection.. Have caught many nice fish on all off those..

James Yang says:

As a beginner in fishing, I found the confidence to start fishing again after watching your video. A big question for myself was always “Where do I begin?” And you answered it. Thanks!

Flaherty's Adventures says:

Thanks again Gene for being the most real and TRULY educational youtube fisherman. You always have great suggestions and ideas for beginners through experts. Keep up the great work!

KYnightstalker says:

Great video for beginners and advanced anglers alike ….. back to basics anglers ….. as a new YouTuber you have given me lots of inspiration over the years and I thank you for all the videos hopefully one day my channel will grow to be a great channel for beginners and advanced anglers alike! Keep all of these great videos coming!

david carter says:


Chyna Porch says:

i go to the arkansas river to bass. fish but i do bream and catfishing to whats the best bait to use this time of the year for bass

Bullion Forever says:

Some of the best performing lures have been ones I’ve actually found, certainly doesn’t go for all of them but I also gives you ideas to branch out of choose things you wouldn’t orginidary go for, espically if you have nothing to go on like unexplored unfamiliar waters.

Josh George says:

Hey man love watching your videos don’t live that far from you I’d love to go fishing with you guys sometime

Snickel Fritz says:

Beginners should not overlook the bottom shelf in the lure section at your local Walmart. Much cheaper lures yet they are still effective and fun to learn with.

Kolby Claxton says:

I was going to subscribe, but then I saw your hat, then I decided not to 😉

War Mexicam says:

@flukemaster hey so i watched your videos thursday morning and went out and bought a 7 foot rod..3000 reel…got 2 colors plasic worms (course i bought couple other bass lures) and weights you suggest…went fishing saturday with your set up started with black worms and caught 12 bass bank fishing….this wasn’t my first time fishing but just always sucked at fishing…im not sure if its just luck or what…but wow i had to come back and just write

marikb says:

Thanks for this video !
Were building a fishing arsenal in Indian Mountain Lake – Arrowhead Lake, PA. As far as the spinner baits.. What size / weigh should we start with?

John Burton says:

What mama don’t know won’t hurt her lol tackle is my other woman , never have to much

E_Thatch says:

Thanks. My son just started to want to bass fish. And your videos are helping me help him.

jmax. 65 says:

I never really bought bait because I wasnt into fishing as much as i am now and I usually just steal some from my dad or granddad but it looks expensive for some plastic and skinny piece of metal , its all worth the fun though

Ian Rhein says:

What a great video! Thank you. Explained allot. Be well & keep em’ coming! PS: what about mid June in the Northeast? Baits, tactics? Thanks again!

Felipe Balli says:

very cool, lots of fun thanks

Azriel The Fallen Angel says:

This is pretty helpfull i havent fished since i was a kid and ive dumped atleast 500 in takle and bait spent about 3 days fishin nouthin caught a good sunburn though

Brent Henson says:

Shout out from Chattanooga! Love the videos!

Fishing4Happiness says:

Great stuff as always… I know alot of people who need this info!

Gary Goertz says:

Love Sportsman’s Warehouse in Columbia SC

Andrew England says:

Square bills are the best crankbaits for bank fishing. Ya I lose one once in awhile. If I lose one right away I know it’s no good. But that’s the only crankbait I throw from banks

Lily Salazar says:

Just went there the other day. Buying some lures to put in my tackle box. Trying to catch my first bass

Derek K says:

Green pumpkin and purple/ black blue are the only colors you need for soft plastics.

Gurd says:

Thank you! I just started a week ago and I’m already loving it, but it’s a little overwhelming to look at from the surface. I’m really glad you’re uploading videos for new guys and gals like me.

Harrisyn Cofer says:

Ay bro where are ya from bc im from Cleveland

BlkR32 says:

chatter baits!!!

Cal Leary says:

Hello fellow fishermen/woman, I have a *question* I need help with!!! When he is talking about spinner baits, I know that the strike king mini king is 1/8oz. As far as the strike king premier pro model, they come in 3/16, 3/8, and 1/2oz. Obviously 1/2 is too large for what I need and too large for what he is talking about, so, did he mean to refer to 3/16 or 3/8 as the size he suggested? I’ve used 3/8 as my go to in the past but want to pick up a couple 3/16 if those are what he recommends to try out myself. PLEASE HELP lol.

Killjoy Prepper says:

Worms (soft plastics) ; should they be bright colors for murky water and darker is fine for clear water ?
I’m not a Bass fisher I’ve always gone with trout and cat.

Gamerpro xzz says:

In my opinion all you need to start is a wacky rigged zoom finesse worm or havoc bottom hopper jr in watermelon red flk, I have yet to find a lure as effective for bass.

Tony Almanza says:

Hey Gene, I just found some of your videos they look great. I don’t know anything about fishing, never gone fishing and don’t know the first thing about it. I have a seven year old boy that keeps asking me to take him fishing so I went to Walmart and bought him a fishing rod and a small tackle box and I just to say Thank you! Wish me luck, I am a lot more nervous than him.

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