A review of my fishing Tackle box

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Items used:
GoPro: Amazon.com (gopro hero 4 silver)
Tackle box: Amazon.com (Ready 2 fish one tray tackle box)
rod and reel combo: Walmart about 30 dollars
various baits: Amazon


Johnathan Billwright says:

you suck

Jose Diaz says:

7:20 for the voice crack

Ricky Shearer says:

Your such a fuckin googin idk why this shitty page even popped up

Outdoor Places says:

That’s a weedless hook

David Michelson says:

Try and put your tackle in Plano boxes and organize them pls sub to me

Johnathan Billwright says:

boi those were not spinnerbaita or jerkbaits they were spoons

Remington Miller says:

weed less hooks are the ones with the wire

Zukie135 Gaming says:

You bubble gum peanut bowl looking cave woman Betta shut you tackle box and throw in a blender

Fishing Minnesota says:

First of all those are weedless hooks, second of all do some research before you make your self look like an idiot, and those weights were 1/10 of an ounce. Also if you want to improve your videos get you facts right, hooks sizes are call 3 ot and 2 ot and the hooks you said were too big for bass were to small for them, I don’t know why I’m wasting my time watching this price of crap all wrong video and typing this, your videos are shit and the only person that might know something is your partner Dylan, and you sound even more like an idiot when you make childesh jokes during your videos no one thinks your cool when you make sex comments, thanks for telling me all the wrong stuff instead of trying to help somebody, I never knew you could use weighted swimbait hooks for frogs, check your physics before you try to wrongly inform somebody

Johnathan Billwright says:

not how you pronounce havoc

Johnathan Billwright says:

bouyes you mean bobbers

Fish dish says:

learn to film

Johnathan Billwright says:


Owen Hein says:

Who ever dis liked this video is a b****

LoneStarAngler says:

Quick Tip- Hold you camera steady, or place it on something.

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