$20 Wish App Baitcaster Fishing Reel VS $150 Fishing Reel!

In this Wish app Fishing challenge I tested 2 fishing reels one from the wish app and one high end! Both baitcasters and for the price the wish app reel is AWESOME! I would recommend it for a fisherman on a budget for sure! Hope you enjoyed this video DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!

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Gear Used
CAMERA http://amzn.to/2yXdYMY
BIG CAMERA http://amzn.to/2gsvTA1
MIC FOR BIG CAMERA http://amzn.to/2yEhsRr
TRIPOD FOR BIG CAMERA http://amzn.to/2l6DpFQ
DRONE http://amzn.to/2xdBG3h

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derty_rabbit says:

New sub!!! Love the videos and the commentary is hilarious

Shadow Master says:

I need it

Alex Lopez says:

Man… I’ve been trying with the Spinnerbait. I’ve tried two different ones on two different different setups and not a single bite or nibble. I don’t know if I’m retrieving too fast… Or fishing the wrong lake. I’ve had no luck freshwater fishing since I’ve started. Idk man. I’m using your comment section to vent lol. I apologize. So damn frustrating to see Julian snag that monster Snake head within seconds of casting using a spinnerbait…

Dave Hale says:

dude stop talking so much and fucking fish!

Off The Bank says:

You know…….Nevermind the comment section have already owned the Yee Yee boy

Dragos midrigan says:

What’s the gear ratio

Munky332 says:

meanwhile I can go to walmart and get an abu garcia Bmax 3 all day for 30$…
why are you comparing a 20$ no-name reel to a 150$ brand-name reel? why not a 20$ vs say 20-40$ range of reels available from local places like Dicks, Cabelas, Bass Pro, Walmart, etc?

also, what does a reel have to do with actually catching fish? not a damn thing really…

Ronnie Pedrick says:

Dued I think that’s a hybrid peacock

VajFoom says:

Dude I just got that cheap reel off eBay for $19 and surprised how well it cast. Going to use it for my frog setup.

Johnny McDaniel says:

First reaction to the first cast? Thought you cast it before the video?

Jon Bert says:

Can you send me a bait caster

Jordan Watson says:

Do you put the snakehead back in the water ????

mrmanandstuff101 says:

“its freezing cold outside, its like 50 degrees!” lol coldest day in Kansas this winter was about 0 degrees lol

salt flow says:

How has the reel stood up? Have you continued to use it? And find a new fishing buddy. That guy is a tool.

SimonRobert20362037 says:

I like Lew’s but I snapped mine

Christian Juarez says:

Julian is a Dickhead

Barramundi BrawlerZ says:

I found one with 7.0:1 gear ratio for $37.93 what a bargain

zwinns says:

Learn to land fish, this channel is a joke. No need to throw fish all over the bank

Colleen Testa says:

Lol you can’t blame the reel on human error lol jk I know someone who bought a few baitcasters from wish they ain’t that bad at all for the price it’s worth it great video guys thanks for sharing


Why dont you tell your friend to stop throwing you rod in the ground

Joshua Bryson says:

Your friends needs to stick with the frat partys and beer pong…. Bro

Jessie Sineath says:

Just the reel is 20 bucks right? Not with the rod correct?

Aquatic Therapy Fishing says:

These videos are gringy AF

House of Fortnite says:

The Julian guy needs to learn how to land a dam fish

Mika Pouramo says:

Hi, what rod are you using with that Wish reel?

Zukhairol Hafizz says:

In malaysia this rare fish snakehead (kerandang(. Very expensive.

Tvideo says:

Hope you killed that snakehead. Invasive crap.

Lou says:

I’d be more pissed about the friend throwing the rod and reel on the ground that’s like a 200$ combo if he was my friend he ain’t using my rod and reel anymore lol

ArgueWithDont says:

These dudes wanna catch bass but release snakehead? seems counter productive.

Mike Schultz says:

Why is everyone so surprised that inexpensive gear works?

Pastor Peewee says:

Can u eat snake head?

Ian Vance says:

This winter in Nh it got to like -10 degrees

Joe Durkin says:

Kill snake head

oscarjini says:

I like the video but can you please keep the fish off of the grass. It runs the slime off of their bodies. The slime helps keep the fish protected from bacteria.

steven cottrill says:

These guys are stressing the fish out way to bad. There is no need to jerk them out of the water like the way they are and throwing the pole with the fish.

Caden Nickell says:

Will you send me the link to that combo?

edwin hernandez says:

You should try the lure that look like penises from wish, make it happen.

Alex Perez says:

So what the update on the reel

SimonRobert20362037 says:

Big Pike

Mike Van Der Pool says:

Wish link for the baitcaster?

Sweswio says:

Your friend is a dick when reeling in but he seems like a nice guy tho, great reel for the price

mcmugget says:

I hope you didn’t put that snakehead back in the water o.o

Hump Debump says:

50 degrees in january? MADNESS!

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