13 Fishing Radioactive Pickle FreeFall Combo Flash Bangs and MORE

13 Fishing 2018/2019 Ice Products are in! Let’s take a peek!

Need to grab some new gear? Links are below:

13 Fishing Radioactive Pickle FreeFall Combos:

13 Fishing Flash Bang: https://t2m.io/jBWQw6NG

13 Fishing Sled Heads: https://t2m.io/UvjLDh0f

13 Fishing Origami Blade: https://t2m.io/LkvCsJVV

Canon 80D: https://amzn.to/2OYnCmh

Joby Tripod: https://amzn.to/2KvdcK3

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Fish Species Caught and Personal Records to date that are known:
Black Crappie – 2.2lbs
Bluegill –
Bullhead –
Burbut – 2.4lbs 20 inches Feb 16, 2018
Cabezone –
Channel Catfish 18.5lbs
Coho Salmon ~ 15lbs
Common Carp – 7.8lbs
Copper Rockfish
English Sole –
Freshwater Drum/Sheepshead –
Gafftopsail Catfish –
Goldeye –
Green Sunfish –
Halibut ~ 30lbs
Lake Trout – 1.84lbs 16″ Feb 16th, 2018
Largemouth Bass – 6.45lbs 21″+ June 21, 2018
Ling Cod – 52lbs
Northern Pike – 10.75lbs – Dec 17, 2017
Orange Spotted Sunfish –
Paddlefish – 42lbs
Pinfish –
Pumpkinseed –
Quillback Rockfish –
Rainbow Trout – 2.07lbs 20″ Feb 17th, 2018
Redfish –
Rock Bass – May 14th, 2018 11″ and .84lbs
Sauger –
Sea Trout –
Shorthead Redhorse –
Silver Pike ~ 3lbs
Smallmouth Bass – 4.54lbs – 10/9/2017
Spiny Dogfish –
Southern Flounder ~ 4lb
Tullibee – 1.87lbs 17 1/4″ April 12, 2018
Walleye – 9lb 3oz Dec 22, 1986
White Bass –
White Crappie
White Spotted Greenling –
White Sucker –
Yellow Eye Snapper – 26lbs
Yellow Perch –

13 Fishing Radioactive FreeFall Tickle Stick Combo
13 Fishing FreeFall
13 Fishing Flash Bang
13 Fishing Origami Blade
13 Fishing Sled Head Jigs
13 Fishing product reviews


Jagged Tooth Tackle says:

What are you guys looking forward to most? I’m excited to see the fluttering action of the Origami Blade with all the shapes

chris reumont says:

Did you say your =2 weeks away from ice fishing? Where are you located? Great video thanks for the info.

Asapfishing1 says:

Awesome video!!

Cody Hutchison says:

Glad you posted this! Ive been debating on getting which new tickle stick/free fall ghost combo but idk if I’m a huge fan of “the radioactive pickle” haha. May just spend the extra $10 to get the white rod and by the white reel separate.

chocograph says:

I also have a …..ticklestick.

Jerry Hanson says:

the 4 black rings are to hold the reel in place..they are a bitch to put on.
start from the tip and go over the giuds to the handle,,have fun..

Ryan Roehr says:

is that a black foam mounting base? if so why? worse transfer of feel around. And for the love of true ice fishing people, gets BIGGER eye lits on the first 2 eye lits. Look at what the snetch has, they work,, get tired of my tickle stick freezing up.

John A* says:

Oh man…. I gotta pick up some more hours at the airport cuz this video just made the future projection of my bank account exponentially decrease lol

Alec Hintz says:

Where are you based out of

Pound Town Fishing says:

I really want to try a free fall this season

Eric Sanchez says:

Awesome products. I’m looking forward to first ice, been counting down the months!!

TheOregonOutlaw says:

Jake, look into a Florida leader product called “Knot2Kinky”. Been using it for years with great success to prevent bite-off of those pesky pike. It’s ultra thin, flexible, and has little or no memory! Guessing it saves me $200-300 a year in lures and baits – PLUS it’s bullet proofing for tip-ups!
~Tight Lines~

Todd Clark says:

Hello. I purchased a pickle stick and am wondering how everyone is attaching the reel to the rod? I went to 3 different places that sell these and they either had no clue, buy a tool that will stretch the o’ring out (but not sure if there is a tool they also said) or use zip ties? Seems strange to me for a new product? Anyone have an idea?

Waterloo, Iowa

mr.breeze 7 says:

I’m starting to think the new tackle is to catch the customer not the fish.

Harry Straub says:

I used a pink flash bang on two trips this year so far. I outfished other buddies all 5 days. I have caught Over 30 fish on it. Love the heavy feel, fast drop, rattle and glow sticks….love this lure!

Brady Gross says:

Can I catch big crappies with the 24 inch tickle stick

Dpar 28 says:

13 fishing is the best cant wait to try out the new product

oscar go says:

ok so i have a problem. i have a black betty free fall with the magnetic brakes. I also have the ghost free fall.

I wanted to adjust the free fall speed on my black betty free fall but when I fully tighten the knob the lure drops at the same speed as when the free fall button is fully tightened vs fully loosened.

however on my ghost free fall, the lure does not fall when the tension know is fully tightened, but when loosened it drops freely.

i know that the braking system is different on both reels, but do i have a problem on my black betty? i havent tested it in the water yet, but it seems like I cant adjust the speed of the fall.

John R says:

Flash bangs were my go to last season.

Kyle Nelson says:

What was the tickle stick combo you talked about at 1:03?

rob atticks says:

I’m a big fan of 13 fishing.

Jeremy S says:

I just picked up a pickle combo, do the 4 black rings attached to the tag hanging off the rod serve any function or use?

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