13 Fishing Concept A REVIEW

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Christopher Le says:


auggie smith says:

Love ya dude

Joe Brummel says:

Go dawgs!

Kirk Carlson says:

Like an 870

Loveless Fishing says:

I love my concepts! I did have an issue where the line guide stopped moving back & forth. all my line would bunch up on one side of the spool. It was a 8.1:1 version & tw replaced it right away. Great vids!

Ella Littlefield says:

I am going to get that reel

Creepy Cooters Cousin says:

4:37 what was that lol

BassAndCoffee says:

Did you pick that reel up at Academy by any chance? I seen some there that were clearanced and wanted to pick one up myself.

Outdoors Weekly says:

What lens do you use again?

SGonz92 says:

First baitcaster was the Inception from 13 Fishing, flawless reels. Also just picked up a American Hero combo the other week after watching your videos and landed a 5 plus pounder bass. Sick videos, brother. Stay humble, peace.

Surge Outdoors says:

Love both of my A’s ! The C was a disappointment, very smooth but pretty loud when reeling and could feel the gears, my inception is awesome for the price point. I purchased the C from tackle warehouse on sale so when I tried to exchange the bad C I got for another C I had to pay $20 difference (got it for $206, retails for $230) so I ended up ordering the Z instead. Hopefully it turns out to be great if not I’m going to return it for the A, favorite reel hands down. Awesome price point and great performance.

Tennessee Bass Busters says:

Awesome video bro keep up the great work

Rick David says:

I know it is still winter. Dude cut your grass. Lol. Nice information. I will check them out.

Army_Outdoors 88N says:

Great video dude.

Isaac Herrera says:

I know you’ve had the concept A longer, but between the 2 when you first got them, which is better? The CURADO K or the Concept A? And if you don’t mind why as well

Mike Chamberlain says:

If these are good I’m gonna check them out. But I finally finally finally got my Curado K in a LH retrieve, I was so happy to finally find one. I bought a RH cause I honestly didn’t think I was gonna be able to get one before the season started. I ended up donating it to my son’s fishing habbit lol. Thanks for the video.

Jason Molle says:

Just suscribed last week…just wondering what happened to sixgill fishing gear?

Xander G says:

First like

Juan Diaz says:

How about a concept a vs concept z video

Ella Littlefield says:

1 like

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