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Well folks…..I decided to bring back an original Fishing with Flair episode with a classic tackle unboxing. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Enjoy!

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Connor Hawker says:

You inspire me to fish

Riley Philp says:

Why do you guys never use spinner baits they catch almost any fish including musky

Forrestt Fishing says:

Lake winapasakee

Branson Cox says:

Forgs or awesome

Jack Roelands says:

Hey good video

Connor Hawker says:

How to tie a drop shot

Forrestt Fishing says:

New Hampshire fishing

Staci Shook says:

Send me a crank bait

Cody mumford says:

What about a copper plopper challenge

Blake S. says:

Yes I love the unboxing

Bass Chaser says:

What would you recommend for a beginner using a baitcaster monofilament fluorocarbon or braid

Sensei Seanobi says:

I enjoy watching people unbox stuff, especially lures.

Hunter House says:

Hey okay so I’m in Arkansas and I would like to see you go bow hunting in the natural state

April Wooten says:

do a 1$ walmart spinner bait fishing challenge

#Low Budget Treadnecks atv says:

Need come to my home town hit lake waccamaw

Jack Roelands says:

Hey good video and can you do a video with a jitterbug

cory donath says:

Heart isn’t in this video, why make it?

Stop Motion slime says:

It is ok but i still love your videos

BOOM 011 says:

You should try deep sea fishing

James Callan says:

Oh wow, I never own that much fishin gear.

landon adamz223 says:

My dream is that one day I can wake up and go ” you know what I wanna drop $1000 dollars on just some fishing stuff” and do it for no reason



Pedro Thiessen says:

Come to mexico and do some fishing here


Fish at Pat Mayes lake in Lamar county Texas.

Jonathan Nedelisky says:

love seeing the baits you use

Thomas Lundell says:

Do more unboxings

Enni Harjula says:

No frog


i don’t have a lot of lures but if I could get that mistery box that would be great btw don’t tell jon b but your my favorite googan squad member and for the fishing sugjestion I like all your vids so do whatever u want man

Ive Got the Balls To Call Outdoors says:

Throwing megabass around

chance brower says:

i love videos

Bass Chaser says:

Please make more of tgese

Thomas Lundell says:

Survival vlogs would be sick too

Irish fieldsports says:

Fly fishing @flair

Athul Sajeev Kumar says:

Lure unboxing

jason erasmus jason erasmus says:

i wish i can get so much lures ..

Mackenzie Art and vlogs says:

Eredeceint worms will catch monster bass

Wd_40 Dux says:

I think you should do like a challenge

Miguel Corona says:


Ian James says:

Thats a lot of lures,baits,hooks

#Low Budget Treadnecks atv says:

Big money unboxing

Luis Munoz says:

show the love for kendal gray

Jacob Bylow says:

Any small smallmouth bass videos

Madalyn Gaviglio says:

use hand lines


And I thought I had a lot of tackle

gianluca g says:

Fishing is life

Heidi Boyd says:

you should do a challenge where you only use a chater bait black and blue but clear water

Bass Chaser says:

More short videos like the top ten bass lures

UrMom Outdoors says:

Why r half the lures nick named “Daddy” ??????

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