The Deeper Smart Fishfinder Review

Here is a in depth review on the Deeper Portable, Castable, fish finder.
Instructional videos-


Cayden Long says:

Do a review on the ibobber

Jorge Angeles says:

awesome video

Buddy Bellwether says:

I heard you can even map out lake bottoms with them. I NEED ONE OF THESE!!!

Shannon Moore says:

what’s up with your screen

compcast says:

I just got one and took it out and used it and I feel it’s for use in neighbor hood lakes and pond or residential areas cause to it out toward Everglades in broward and palm beach county in Florida and had many issues with the Bluetooth connecting once I casted it out sometimes it worked ok and others you waiting while it buffers and it says connection loss and then reconnecting to Bluetooth and I had problems once I was reeling it in the connection to Bluetooth will loss signal bad thing where there’s lots of alligators kind of wish I didn’t drop $199 plus $5 S&H

rickiex says:

I think it’s pretty cool but not practical. I fish hours at a time. this deeper only last a few hours and my phone only last an hour or two with Bluetooth on. not worth 200-300

michael therrien says:

I would use it off my inflatable kayak and I’m assuming you can view in real time instead of a recording ?

Derrick Davis says:

I’d like to see it used n night fishing mode. No videos???


tip: use A wrist holder for your phone it makes things 10 times easier. TFY has them on amazon.

Brady Watson says:

Does deeper need a WiFi connection

Kevin Perry says:

Do you work for Deeper???

MALCOM says:

Thanks for the review I live in Nashville and I fish percy priest lake from the bank and there’s a lot of great fishing here but this is a great shortcut to locate the fish and hook em I’m trying to be where your at one day I’m addicted to fishing period I don’t have a boat but I’m on the water daily thanks for all you do man needed this very much I can definitely trust your word

Mitchell Deye says:

do you know if it picks up things lk underwater cover like trees rocks etc…

Jeff Hickling says:

This is what worries me being a pike angler

What if a pike goes for it?

Will it survive an attack?

Please answer !

Adan De Leon says:

Ha, he said iPod funny guy

Randy T says:

Can two people with iPhones read the same fish finder at the same time? 

From the Edge 2 the Ledge says:

You know what, I really love my Deeper. Saves my history and look over my trip when I get home to ger a more detailed look at the information. Thanks

duzty122 says:

too expensive it will cost 300$ for me here in canada.

4gramzent says:

Don’t see this working well for bass fishing when you pitching in cover etc etc. .. and it’s tired on your line. Snag waiting to happen

Rob Simpson says:

Thanks fluke! Been looking for a crib on Webster lk Indiana for awhile. Picking up mine today!

Mike Teezy says:

So is it possible to keep it in the water while boating around and use it just like you would a regular fish finder?  My buddy and I often rent a small 14 footer with a 5 horse on small lakes.  Using it to find structure and depth changes would be amazing.   

Alana Caiden says:

I found out the deeper doesn’t work well with ice fishing on 15″ thick ice. the sonar gets alot of inferences because it sits on top of the water

Eclipse Lawn Care says:

Looking to get something like this for my dad. For Christmas. Great review awesome video sir!

Joseph Britt says:

Cool looking product thanks for the video go Dawgs

Tristan Rohlfs says:

Very informative just got one can’t wait to use it

Tony Tang says:

I just bought one right after watching this video, expecting to receive it in couple days, cant wait to try out.

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