The Bass Can’t Hide Anymore | Humminbird Solix 15 Review

We’ve used depth finders, fish finders, electronics… whatever you want to call them… for years and we’ve never seen anything like the Solix 15! The clarity, detail, and power of this unit is unrivaled by any other unit we’ve used.

Humminbird Solix 15:

Here are a few other Humminbird Electronics worth checking out at different price points. When selecting an exact model consider the following factors…
1) Do you need side imaging?
2) Do you need down imaging?
3) Do you Need GPS?
4) Is this unit going to be used for knowing depth more than finding fish?

With this information you can easily choose the right unit at a price point that makes sense.

Helix 12 CHIRP:
Helix 7:
Helix 5:

Other gear you may need to take full advantage of your new unit…
Lakemaster AutoChart:
Ethernet Switch (For Linking Units):
Ethernet Cables (one per unit):
Over-Trolling Motor Mount:
BalzOut Electronics Mount:

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Need Sun Protection? Here’s what we wear…
Sun Mask:
Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
Light Fishing Pants:

Equipment We Recommend…

Favorite Pliers:
Favorite Wire Cutters:
Favorite life jacket:
Favorite sunglasses:
Hero5 Camera:
ElectroSamson Scale:
Promar Net:

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Bass Monkey Fishing says:


Eric Leblanc says:

I am really glad to hear that you are doing in depth videos on how to read and understand the equipment. It is going to be very helpful for myself and many others I’m sure. Keep up the solid work!

joshua glenn says:

still waiting for that in depth series…. ……..

Nathan Kean says:

Evidently the bass can still hide from Tim lol

Jen Sparks says:

Can’t wait for this series of videos. I have newer Garman units and don’t know what I’m doing yet.

johnnyjobe says:

$3,400 for 1 and you have 2 wow that’s alot of money .

Will Fiord says:

Desperately need to get electronics, the lakes in nj by me are highly pressured with clear water so all the bigguns go deep during the day and blind casting to ledges humps etc gets old especially with little success

Troy Rogers says:

your waypoints imported because you chose the solix. it uses .gpx like everyone else. had you chosen a helix you would have had to run them through humminbird pc. the helix uses a matrix folder, not .gpx

Chris Mata says:

Dang this cost more than my car!

The Timmerman says:

I can’t wait for the in depth on how he reads his electronics!!

TheOneTheOnly W says:

while I think these are awesome, this is like going from hunting in the middle of nowhere with a bow, to hunting in a petting zoo with an AK-47… I’ll pass…

torresricardo90 says:

You should do a castable fishfinder for shore fishing

Sal Palos says:

How come you didnt mention that it comes with NFL Sunday Ticket for your first year?! lol

Nicole Wilkes says:

Hey matt been fishing dobyns for for a while now and purchesed a refurbished extream with a reel seat repair. Well recently the reel seat is has broke lose/ it spins 360. I contacted them but want me to pay for shipping both ways. have you had this trouble with them as far as having to pay for something they sent you and it failed? Not hating just up set with having to pay outta pockett for there mistake. Is there someone i could speak to about this. Ps nice video man

LakeChicotGuy RippnLips says:

I no its not your style but u should do more of a vlog type video like your whole day type deal

MyTopSpinner says:

Since you guys fish clear Lake most of the time do you guys see the dead fishes?

Joel Bates says:

In this video you said you were going to do more videos on electronics. Did you every do that? I can’t seem to find them. Thanks.

Jacob Miller says:

15 inches!!?!

Old Lady Angler says:

Wow…. 15 inches! I thought my 7 was big!! Nice!

skankhunt42 says:

glad you finally went with humminbird. It’s the best in the market right now. I have 2 helix 10 G2 with the 360 imaging linked to my ulterra. BaddAss!

Cayden Brown says:

This is a very simple idea but what about travel tackle like a small tray always ready to go in a car or truck because I know alot of people do this maybe just your go to baits if you could only use a tray tackle box for all of them

TheJamesthebob says:

Please teach us thx

DarK Corpze says:

you use electronics to look for fish ur a sad human

LakeChicotGuy RippnLips says:

What’s the smallest screen size in the solix series

weouchhere says:

Right now, I am a bank fishermen & quite honestly I cannot wait until I get myself into a bass boat ! The electronics are just amazing.

fishing islife says:

Like if you can’t wait for this series! I’m personally stoked and very excited for the upcoming vids.

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