Review ~ Lowrance Hook Series Sonar

I get a lot of viewers asking why I have a Lowrance Hook 7 on my front deck when I already have an HDS 9 Touch – there are some very specific reasons related to fishing for bass offshore that I’ve installed that fish finder on the bow. It is very much related to using the down scan to target fish more specifically and efficiently
Let me know if you have any questions and what your experience with these units is. Here’s a link for more details

Camera used to shoot the vid:
GoPro Hero 4


Kristian Cox says:

When you say 10-20 ft space from the broadband sonar, what’s the difference in the cone space with downscan? And are you talking about 10-20 ft side to side or front to back? I’m still trying to learn how to locate structure after seeing it on a scan

Grant Jackson says:

I got one I was in 15 foot off water and it said 5 foot very trash and not worth the money

FishSnatchers TV says:

It may cost a few bucks, but you should try a bit of dyna-mat between the transducer and the trolling motor. That stuff is amazing with killing vibration transfer. I have t used it for that application if it may really help with the feedback of it is caused by vibrations.
Great video, thanks for the advice!

Bassmasta271 says:

Have you tried using a quality beer cozi instead of the piece of plastic between your transducer and your trolling motor to buffer the interference from your motor? says:

Very interesting, good review man

Keep It Bent! says:

Nice Mickey, Thxs for sharing.

Working Class Outdoors says:

great info!! thanks

Tyler Mccarthy says:

Really like this video! I really REALLY want to learn more about how to find fish and catch off shore bass. Can you please PLEASE make a more in depth video about how to fish off shore !?? Thanks man!!

Bass Assassin says:

What kind of mount is that Hook7 attached to?

Matt Sactown says:

mikey you are hella knowledgeable and explain things great, its awesome that youre so passionate about bass fishing. Fishing saved my life man its what i am on this earth to do. i know you feel the same brada shout out from cali

Fishing POV says:

Nice job great info.

ronald lukovich says:

Ya. I think these units where aimed at the kayak community or maybe I’ve just s en a lot on kayaks mainly. Trying to learn some lowrance stuff been using hummingbird seems like forever. There all great nowadays. Jmo.

BassGeek says:

I’m running birds right now but I have had Lowrance before. They make great units.

Sunny W says:

Mikey, Great explanation and spot on. This narration of why and how your using your electronics is precisely why you are catching so many deep fish. Sure does bring back memories of living on Lake Fork for 18 years in E Tx. Would sure like to book a trip with you 🙂

Bass Monkey Fishing says:

does your hook 7 bug out and stop reading depth like freeze thru out the day my chirp 7 does this all the time even with the updates

Sam Boles says:

Usually use sonar at the bow, now I’ll be playing with downscan on 455
Many thanks Mikey

Robert Anderson says:

mikey your the man finally got some knowledge on how to set the hook 7 up i have one on my boat and ive been wondering why i cant get a good picture ive got mine on 800 thanks for the help man keep it up


in addition to the screen spray, you can get some laptop screen protectors for dirt cheap off eBay, & cut them to fit all of your units. Always good to have that extra layer of security against an errant treble swipe, etc…

ChrisPowellFishingTV says:

Good video!

Robert Mc Niel says:

Thanks for the video!
R from Iowa

jbersoscike says:

I have the hook 7 and I love it but it seems like my old elite was better. Do u have any tips on settings for this particular unit? , 455 vs 800 kHz and such.

ThunderCoopersmith says:

Your feedback may be from the wires touching as you ran them. Separate them and you may eliminate some of that. JMO

sweetsiebug says:

Why not just. Use hds 9 on the trolling motor using the hdi transducer and a 7 to 9 pin adapter why the hook when a hds 9 does same thing is there something I’m missing

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