Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder Review – Is It Any Good?

Check out the Dragonfly here at http://www.fishfindersource.com/shop-fish-finders-by-brand/raymarine-fish-finders/dragonfly-fish-finder-gps-5-7-display/

The Raymarine Dragonfly is an awesome new fish finder that brings technology that used to cost thousands of dollars to fishermen like us for a fraction of the cost. Sporting a 5.7 inch display that colors pop out of, and a 50 channel GPS, the Dragonfly is a neat little package that packs a big punch.

The biggest punch by far is the CHIRP SONAR. CHIRP SONAR sends out a fan of sonar waves instead of just one beam – and this lets you see a much, much clearer picture than even the best DownScan and Down Imaging SONAR. CHIRP is so good that you can actually make out the shape of fish underwater.

The Dragonfly is very easy to set up and use. It is operated with only 3 buttons(that’s all you need), and the fishfinder does all the sonar adjustments by itself. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just hook it up and start fishing.

You can use the Dragonfly fish finder for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and there is a temperature sensor built in. The GPS will give you readings for speed.

The only issue I see with the Dragonfly is that professional anglers may not like the fact that you can’t tweak the sonar to your own preferences. Many pro fishermen like to tweak the settings until they find a “sweet spot” – this you can’t do with the Dragonfly.

Otherwise, the Raymarine Dragonfly is a beautiful unit that will surely up your fishing game.


Nick Williams says:

I have had a $dv for a month and had about 5 fishing trips into the gulf water near Adelaide South Australia. I am impressed with its ease of use, great lighting in bright sunlight and excellent clartity when boating over sunken vessels, artificial reefs and associated schools of fish. I like the camera feature to record the underwater scenes – it seems alittle tedious to press the on/off button and then other buttons 6 times to get a single photo strored to a micro SD card but a useful tool. I do not have a model with conventional sonar and GPS fitted but the great price and easy installation made a pleasure to install and use. Well done Raymarine on the Chirp Downvision device at a great price.

Mike Mike says:

This must have been some marketing class project.  The guy has little idea about Chirp vs DI etc…..
As far as school work go he gets a C.  He has to work on his sales pitch.

Robert Capodanno says:

did not answer any questions about kayak use.

Bunk Man says:

I have one on my Mako 17 pro skiff. Very reliable and detailed. Fish actually LOOK like fish and not “blobs” that MAY be a fish or MAY be a beer can.  If you take the time to understand the operation of it, it is well worth the money. I give it a 8 out of 10. Transducer is a bit touchy and must be tweaked to maintain readings at faster speeds.

John says:

I`ve Had three Dragonfly 6`s, two let me down within 2 /3 months third replacement lasted 14 months before problems started, when I got in touch with Raymarine about warranty repairs I was informed by them that the extended warranty when you register your set doesn`t apply to Dragonfly sets, even tho I have a printout saying I have a three year warranty they say its void.The dragonfly is a sealed unit and cannot be repaired, the only way out is to buy a new one, Fkn robbery anyone thinking of buying one , DONT,could be an expensive mistake

John says:

I`ve had three of the dragonfly 6 sets the first one had a fault from day one, replaced, the second one the power/transducer cable was so tight in socket I could hardly pull it out, replaced, third set worked well for 14 months now this set has started to lose bottom, so not a good record til now could do with 2 card slots, on all three sets the cable dust cap wouldn`t fit, I don’t think these machines are very well manufactured.

Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming says:

how can you review something you dont have?

ai says:

I think this was good for what I needed to see. I am still comparing price points vs. other models. Garmin (and others) like to sell their products incomplete (no maps etc)…not much into slippery sales, if I purchased a GPS/Fish Finder and got to the Lake only to find NO maps…heh heh, Customer Service would not like to take my call, that’s certain … Thanks Shabbir…

Capt. Arthur Cortes says:

RayMarine has horrible customer service. I had one RayMarine product on my boat. Lasted one year and failed.Still under warranty they wanted me to pay for a new one. Got to be kidding me

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