NorCross HawkEye F33P portable fish finder review

NorCross HawkEye F33P Portable Fish finder review

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What’s up guys! Bird from doing a review on the NorCross HawkEye F33P Portable Fish Finder I just want to give you a quick rundown on what you get with the unit. You get the Fish Finder, the sensor that goes in the water, a mounting bracket, and a lanyard to put the unit around your neck.

First thing your do, go to the back, pop open the battery case; it does not come with batteries and it takes four AAA batteries. Once you get the batteries in you hold this green button for three seconds and that turns the power on. The Depth, this little bar here is your sensitivity reading your power save, on and off, backlight on and off, the audible fish finder noise and the actual battery left in the unit, and this is the finder, the depth finder for the fish. Then you hit the Setup button, hold that for three seconds and these icons on the top will blink, and you click the hit Setup, to change between if you want to turn them on or off. So I’m going to turn that off, you hit Enter, Off, etc.

So I’m turning the Fish Finder Noise on and off right there. If you want to change the feet to meters, just hold the Setup and enter for five seconds and you can cycle between feet and meters.All right, I’ve connected the lanyard so you can use it around your neck, then all you’re going to do is you get 35 feet of cable here’s the float, the actual Fish Finder sonar itself you’re just going to take this plug, plug it into the top of the unit, and then you’re going to take — you want to make sure that there’s at least six inches between the actual sonar and the float; and to adjust that, there’s a little plug here you can pop out, so you can just move this down, and then just insert that in like that.

So I have just lengthened that. Then you simply just take this, throw it overboard and you’re good to go. NorCross HawkEye F33PFish Finder weighs just over one pound. All right guys, I’ve got the Norcross Hawkeye F33P with me here in my kayak, as you can see. It’s currently showing two and half feet of water. Really easy to set up the cables here connected to the device, and then off the side, you’ve got your sensor. I’ve got about 18 inches, kind of buries what you want between the sensor and the bogey here, this orange bogey.

You want to make sure this part is connected too so this thing doesn’t slide up and down the line.We’re in about three feet of water. I have the audio sensor up here on the right turn down so when you mark a fish, you will see a fish. From what I’ve seen it, it does show fish. It’s not as sensitive as a higher end one but it’s still totally adequate for a canoe, a kayak or a small boat like that. One of the other great features that I like about this — Oh there you go there’s a fish on the top of the water. moving across. You take this lanyard and just put it around your neck because space is kind of limited when you’re in a kayak, so you can look at the Fish Finder here, see what you want, adjust the sensitivity. It works from 1.5 to 99 feet deep and it’s got a 25 degree sonar beam so it shoots down in like a 25 degree, kind of Christmas tree below where the sensor is.

One of the other things I want to show you is to show you that it’s waterproof, so I’m just going to take some water and splash it on it as it were if it were raining in a boat and you can still hear it beeping and marking fish..Alright, so we’ve got it on the boat here, and it’s showing 9.5 on the right and 9.9. It’s varying; we’re floating, but 9.6, 10. So it’s similar and from what we’ve seen, the fish that comes across the big Fish Finder also shows up on ours. Fish?

There’s a fish on the top for both. Alright guys I’ve had the summer to use the HawkEye and I’m really impressed with it for a couple of reasons. First of all it’s got long batteries; 30 hours on four AAAs. It’s waterproof; it’s got the neck lanyard so when you’re in a kayak, or in a canoe, you can easily see it. It’s got 35 feet of cable, works from one to 99 feet, but at a $50 to $70 price point available on Amazon.

Again, it’s the NorCross HawkEye F33PFish Finder and I recommend it five stars. If you like this video, be sure to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel. Check out my website at and until next time,Ca Caw!


Alex Echeverria says:

Hey does this fish finder mark wether there are big fish or small fish around?

Birdknowsbest says:

+Alex Echevarria I do not believe so. I think all of the fish icons are same size so you can not tell size of the fish

Josh says:

So you could stick that little transducer onto what is called a transom mount on the back of your kayak?  Can you explain how that works? 

MegaFloyd100 says:

Thanks for the review!How well does the hawkeye work in ‘sidescan’ mode?

Alex Echeverria says:

Do you know if the other portable fish finder would work the same? I’m trying to get a cheap/good portable fish finder and I saw one for 40$ on Amazon

Kyle Winter says:

Excelent review and thank you again

Alex Echeverria says:

Ok thank you!

steve april says:

hi great vid !! do you think if i put on the boat ( zodiac 11 feet) and i go fast it will work to see the deep on the water ? thanks

Warrior Works says:

Great review.

Birdknowsbest says:

+Alex Echevarria I have never used that model. I don’t know anyone that has either.

96Duelfuel says:

Where did you buy yours from?

Nooney Nomad says:

Thank you for that I can’t wait to use mine

Scott Galbraith says:

I bought one based off of this video and I am very happy with it! I use it in my kayak and I think it is a great addition to my set up. I would recommend it for a small cheap alternative to the more expensive units.

Kelly Williamson says:

Great Review. Thanks for the History!

mo abdulhamid says:

what is the transducer range around the kayak or the boat, thank you

1065Olivia says:

Learned a lot, thanks! Think I may have to get this one for my jon boat!

DrHogfan says:

Very good video. I’ve had one for a yr or so. I’ve used it just a couple times. Maybe user error is the reason for it not working so great for me. I have been wanting to take it out again and your vid is helpful.

Glenny Glenn says:

I wonder how you use the hard to boat hull mount.

MegaFloyd100 says:

Pink nail polish at 3:25? is this a side effect of using this particular fish finder?

Matt says:

Would this work for ice fishing

Birdknowsbest says:

+Alex Echevarria I don’t know. What other fish finder are you speaking of?

deere3321 says:

Mine was 3 years old when I threw it away. I used it when it was new and didn’t use it at all last year. Got it out for this years ice fishing and it wouldn’t display depth or fish. I tried new lithium batteries and made sure the plug was all the way in. Hawkeye doesn’t put you on hold, so they tell you to leave your name and phone number and they will call you back. I left my number twice and no call back.

mo abdulhamid says:

also i have intex mariner 4 boat, how i can place the transducer in the boat to find fish without tossing it outside the boat

tyler says:

anyone no if you can use this ice fishing

Alex Echeverria says:

It’s not hawkeye, it is called a portable fish finder.. It’s yellow, same design just different name brand

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