Marcum LX 7 Sonar Fish Finder Ice Fishing Review


I did a quick review on the Marcum LX-7 Sonar fish finder for ice fishing. I’ll probably update this marcum lx-7 in a future video for the software upgrade once I have a chance and dig into marcum’s software update a little more. Unfortunately it was a slow day as we only marked one fish on the marcum. I’m not a vexilar hater but I honestly don’t prefer them from the ones I’ve used but I would take one hands down over nothing.

I love the marcum lx-7 ability to show seperation even on the hooks of a lure, or if you have the sensitivity even a little high you’ll pick up braided line but easily with a push of a button you can dial in that perfectly.

The marcum lx 7 sonar unit is really a quick read of the directions, set it up and enjoy years of use out of it with no problems.

My one issue with it is — if you are an outdoor hole hopper in the sun, it’s pretty tough to see the LCD display and THAT is where I would probably have a use for a non-lcd type flasher.

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Tommy Maximus says:

Can you help me….How do I get rid of it? I still see the “W” even when my screen is off. Do i need to take it in for repair? I only got to use it Once.

JP squad says:

Nice video

Mariusz Koziel says:

Great video thanks

Tommy Maximus says:

I sent you pics on you fb tackle….this is what i mean.

Matt The Trout Whisperer Virgioni says:

hey man! how you found a way to take away the zoom cylinder completely off your screen?

Tommy Maximus says:

I have an issue with my Marcum lx7 i just bought…….why do I see a W on the left side on my Marcum display screen?

Tommy Maximus says:

Even when I turn off my Marcum….I see it still…..took me 2 months to get this Machine and only used it Twice.

JP squad says:


Kyle M says:

Lx7 has a 7″ screen… who would have thunk it. lol

Marshall Hurt says:

Great video, cool set up you got there!

tight lines says:

Hi there great video – I own a LX7 going on second ice season now – have looked everywhere and can’t locate so maybe someone can assist because I just can’t figure it out. What indicates on this unit as a actual fish? on bar graph – flasher wheel and/or 2d graph?

Fishing for white fish for example which are not a small fish by any means – I can clearly see my bait presence too the smallest jig being used being lowered and moved and adjust sensitivity for such but I can’t identify the friggen fish. They are a heck allot larger than my bait so why are they not showing up in the column like the bait being used? Fishing in 60ft fow with sandy bottom – no weeds and have played with adjusting the cone for both 20 and 8 degree

Yesterday I was out – not seeing any movement on my screen except for my jig so thinking there aren’t any fish and time to move.

I drop down my camera and WOW! can see all kinds of whities cruising all over the place, anywhere from 2lb and well over 10 lb’s. Some around my bait checking it out, some above etc. What am I missing?

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