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Been wanting to get a Fish Finder and was browsing for it, found this budget device which’s a Chinese brand on the biggest online store on planet earth, Aliexpress. Placed the order and delivery was fast and parcel arrived without damage.

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00:10 Parcel received
00:25 Unpacking the Lucky Wireless Fish Finder
01:10 Power up the Lucky Wireless Fish Finder
01:53 The Brief Introduction
02:18 Initial Start-up of the Lucky Wireless Fish Finder
02:47 Display icons briefing
03:41 Features / Functions 1) Light
04:16 Features / Functions 2) Sensitivity
04:29 Features / Functions 3) Depth Range
06:28 Features / Functions 4) Zoom
06:43 Features / Functions 5) Depth Alarm
07:35 Features / Functions 6) Fish Alarm
08:59 Features / Functions 7) Fish Icon
09:47 Features / Functions 8) Chart Speed
10:18 Features / Functions 9) Depth Unit
10:38 Features / Functions 10) Temperature Unit
10:55 Conclusion
11:20 Field Test on the Lucky Wireless Fish Finder
12:16 After Test review

Build with standard useful features, easy to use, display is clear and sharp, 41cm x 48cm, user friendly. Best part of it is that this is a wireless version, you have great flexibility of using this, you can use it while fishing in the river or sea on a small boat or dinghy, for me i used it while fishing with my Intex Seahawk II inflatable boat. You can get some useful info when you are surf casting from the shore as well, this tiny gadget has a detecting range of 30 meter, using a small fishing rod and attach the sonar sensor with the fishing line, cast it out to find put the water depth, surface temperature, seabed contour and of cause you will know if there’s any fishes out there. I used it on a jetty before, it helps me to spot the bait fishes. You can attach the device on to a RC boat and send it out to search for a good spot to cast your bait to.

Spotted a weak link which’s the wireless is not that stable, when there’s strong wind it tends to losing the connection. Anyway, if the wind is picking up, fishing activity reduce too. So, it’s acceptable for me.

Overall I give this Lucky Wireless Fish Finder FFW718 a 4.5/5 stars rating for the price tag and the solid build, the durability is not yet known, will figure out in the near future, for the meantime, it’s useful and best for budget fisherman like me.


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Zoltán Győri says:

How could you mount it on tripod? I can’t find any tripod thread on it… Thanks! 🙂

Wiadro Wiaderko says:

Hi, how far can you cast the sensor?

Kidou blobb says:

hi, we got the same finder but we dont know the stats (long xx-cm) of the small-fishsymbols and the bigones. Our manual is a bad joke -.-

can u tell me how to interpret the symbols…which size is the minimum for a “big”Fishsymbol etc

Alister Ibbotson says:

Soundtrack – Joe Satriani ????

John Smith says:

Ever notice how the vast majority of uploaders are severe nail biters?

Anoss Mohamed says:


التعليمية Educational says:

Do you support the Arabic language?

AMARILDO MARCOS Fernandes says:

gostaria de comprar un como eu fáco

Bushcraft Adventures France says:

ok i want one lol so thats the boat the fishfinder lol i best go to bed for i watch anything else

Alex Tan says:

Hi brother,
Whats the radius for this device to get all the info?

bitealarm tones says:

how did you get that strap through that hole,i am still working on it , good fishfinder anyway, even without the strap

maverickford79 says:

i want buy a fish finder on alixpress ¿using fish finder you catch more fishs?

yenceOfHungary says:

I am searching wireless fishfinder type, which is fast reliably. Square fishing-net (lift-net!) I would put the sonar onto the water. Important, that let the fish noticed on the monitor be there in reality above the net in that moment! It is not good for me if the radar is late! Please the radar competent vocational help!

Istvan Szabo says:

How long does the CR2032 last? Mine is only 15-30 minutes max!

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