Lowrance Hook2 5 – Six Months Later

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Lowrance Hook2 5 – Six Months Later

This is the 6 month follow up review of the Lowrance Hook2 that I own. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns!

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Nato L says:

I’m in Australia and have the same model as you. Mine is not reading the bottom and not picking up depth of water and downscan is also not working. Also having trouble hearing back from Lowrance.

Chris Pilot says:

Disappointing to hear that Lowrance isn’t very responsive to their customers.

Dr Random says:

I’m actually in the process of waiting for my Hook2 5x to be delivered but after watching this video and noticing the lack of Hook2 reviews and discussions, I’m already having second thoughts…

1 More Kast says:

I have the triple shot with the same issues. DM’d you on IG…

JDFISHING 79 says:

Guys set it up. It’s user error check your settings!

Tong Lo says:

I had same issues before when i put lowrance hook 4x on my yak..truth is..its user error. All you guys that have this issue here. Ya gotta check your settings etc..i had to play with the settings till i got it right on my yak..go ahead and blow a thousand bucks for high end and still have this issue..user error

joshua cabral says:

Great review and truthful tips. I got a low end hummingbird a few months back and I wish I had gotten the gps version as well. It is what is. Keep up the great work Matt. Tight Lines

Desmond kwong says:

Check your transducer,transducer head do not kiss with your kayak body,but just little free space.

Cooper Leonard says:

Had mine for ages and havent had an issue

Adam Robbins Hobbies says:

I have this model on my boat….can anyone fix this?

Dustin Littrell says:

We went round and round about this unit, I knew you should’ve sprung for the triple shot. Crazy that it never really delivered like it was sold in all the marketing. I’m still holding out for 5 or 7ti… I just need to sell one of my kids first

Fat Robs Fishing says:

I have the same unit and still can’t figure it out yet.

jeremy pierce says:

The Tripleshot with GPS/inland maps is going to be 299 for thanksgiving and I was looking to get one. How to you have your transducer set up?

Bill Ghorban says:

U r 100/ right and I have eshos with brand new Lowrance I resantly bought off BCF the bigest thef off fishing stores rep off blodey BCF

sprinter144 says:

I saw a similar video and the loss of bottom was caused by mud/sand under the transducer. The kayak mount allowed the debris to enter. Something to check. Good luck.

Cletus Whetzel Outdoors says:

I’ve never had an issue with mine it’s a little over a year old

Cameron Smith says:

I had the same issue with mine. I called Lowrance about that too and they didn’t know what I was talking about… my biggest complaint was the screen tearing when the water column adjusts and the scroll speed. Like you said, I don’t have a problem with Lowrance but I got want I paid for. For everyone watching this… don’t skimp on a fish finder unit. If you get one, get one $350+. If you don’t wanna pay that, you’re better off not having one.

Greg Jackson says:

Back in ’05 I had a low-end Lowrance (can’t recall the model) that came with the Bass Tracker I bought. I basically just used it for depth readings, but never did like the unit due to the small numbers which were hard to read (at least for me), and the bottom would disappear on that unit also. When I bought my jon boat I got a Humminbird (low-end also) mainly because it had much larger numbers, but it had nice clear depictions of the bottom, fish, bait, etc.

I’m not much on trying to decipher tech manuals either. 🙂

Chaucer Faux says:

I beat Chris woot woot.

Michael Keevan says:

thank you for the update, I will take your advise and buy a higher end unit

R. K. says:

Reviews like this are priceless, its too many
‘unboxing’ or ”first impesion” clips and after that -silence,

Bet Avina Smoke wolf says:

Nice review buddy. Hopefully lowrance will fix the issues man. See ya out on the water


U always give the most honest reviews.

Nor Cal Rod & Reel says:

man, I’m surprised there are these issues with this unit. Pretty concerning actually given the brand, IMO. thanks for the honest feedback, curious if lots of others have run into similar issues, especially out on the Delta

hogbelly fishing says:

Sounds kinda like a RIP

Out West with Chris says:

Helix 5 for the win.

coach Miguel fishing says:

I have a Elite-TI7 on my bow I have issue with it losing bottom I could be in 10ft of water it says I’m in 400ft drives me CRAZY

Joefish says:

dont think it happens on the lower ends guys…i own a hook2 tripleshot 7 and everything on the right side of the boat comes out on the left side of the screen…lol…kinda stinks but gonna do a soft reset and see what happens…thanks for the info on ur unit hope u get it fixed…

Cull Silver says:

I have the same unit on my yak. I have some of the same issues, especially the depth being covered up by screen colors, which drives me nuts because my lake is deep and steep, so the depth can drastically change quickly. I would not recommend this unit, I will be replacing mine soon.

ROBERT Bogin says:

You need to talk too Ken Sauret on Western Bass! He is the ultimate in Lowrance knowledge, he will know exactly what to do. He was always at all the FLW events back when I was fishing them and was always so helpful whenever there was a problem or issue.

On a side note I see all the Bulldog and Falcon stuff!! Are you from GA? My wife is from Woodstock GA. Go there all the time!! Ok talk too Ken.

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