Lowrance Elite 9 Ti vs Humminbird Helix Mega Imaging vs Structure Scan

After running a Humminbird Helix 7 (Gen 1) for the past two years, I have swapped it out for a Lowrance Elite 9 Ti. I spent the better part of two weeks, doing tons of graphing with this new Lowrance 9Ti, and spent some time in a buddies boat with a Gen 2 Helix 12 with Mega Imaging, just to try and make a comparison of Lowrance Elite Ti to the Humminbird Helix and compare Lowrance Structure Scan to Humminbird Mega Imaging. In this video I will share with you all of my findings and give you my opinions to help you make an informed opinion as to which product is best for you.

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XF15Loader says:

Great review! Very informative and helpful.

Recently found out that BPS is offering an Elite-9 Ti and a Helix 7 CHIRP G2N for less than $600. Should I go for a larger screen or better quality in this scenerio?

Aaron Davis says:

Nice honest review. I have the Helix 10 and I agree it boils down to the user. A million dollar machine is useless if you don’t get to know your product. Practice and customize your settings to what you do on the water

Richard Provencher says:

I’m going to be changing my units pretty soon and going to go with 4 12” units. I have HDs carbon 12/16 (they work fantastic) but I’m looking at something different. When I pull the plug I can sell you those for dirt cheap or just donate. You make some great videos and love the time you invested in this. Bent rods brotha !

David Mcleish says:

Dont agree with your review sorry mate. “Fish finders” are for finding fish. Just because lowrance stick some glitter on their units does not make them on part with the humminbird units for fish finding or structure for that matter. Take a Ferrari and a prius to a race track track. Both have air con both have electirc windows ect but one is built for speed. Touch screen means nothing to me if im driving over fish and i have seen this time and time again on the water where i am parked up over schools of fish and people with lowrance keep on driving

Tim Morris says:

I got a Helix 10 G2N SI Mega for $1050 love it !!!!
BTW. you can’t compare you elite to Helix 12. You would do better comparing it to a Helix 9. The Helix 12 will have a lot better resolution .

Darrell Callebs says:

Great video. Very informative and helped me make my decision.

Z71Ranger says:

You should have got the Garmin with Panoptix LiveScope …

Jack says:

Cant beat an HB mega

Flippin' Docks says:

Wait…. What???
00:36 you said you were terribly disappointed in the Helix.
7:37 you said mega imaging has a clearer… Better picture.

brickey mark says:

glad to hear your review i bought a lowrance before i watch your video

Brad Beals says:

I’ve been running the elite 9 Ti on my kayak past couple seasons. Never really invested to much time trying the different advanced setting.. Di is pretty amazing the way it is. Being a crappie chaser. And water temps falling below 40 I’m struggling to find them and trying to learn the structure…I would like a good DVD to not only help me with the unit but also distinguish what I’m looking at…where would u recommend I find this DVD at?…
Thanks for your time on the editing. I know how much time it takes…

Thanks in advance..

Crappie Fisherman says:

Thanks for this video. I’m getting ready to by a new unit trying to choose between lowrance and the solix and Ive been at a stand still but I’ve been leaning toward mega si solix. So your test has helped with my decision thanks again!!

BassGeek says:

I agree I run 9 and 10 birds and I love my birds but I tell everyone If you’re gonna buy anything under a 9 go Lowrance. The touch is a huge bonus.

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

What is everyone else running for electronics???

Harold Baade says:

I just bot the Humminbird 9mega si. After talking to my cousin that guides on Lake Texhoma in OK and your vid I’m taking it back to get the Elite . Thanks for your help.

Syncor says:

was runnin the 7ti and helix 9 g2n and a garmin 92sv before but recently got rid of them and sticking with one brand also.. went with my fav bird =) loving the mega but every unit has their pros n cons..

Matthew Zelazny says:

Great video on the product. Do you have any thought on migrating to the new Ti2? What would bring you into buying the new model compared to what you have now?

J will says:

I use a 9 inch mega and an older 898. Your spot on as for differences. Hummingbirds last advantage is in the mapping. They will squander it because of their marketing and sales pitch. It’s a matter of time before other companies come up with great lake maps. 2d sonar is way better on the lorance. Side imaging and down is better in the mega series but it’s very capable on the lorance. Hummingbird doesn’t innovate anymore. Garmin and lorance are doing that now. Any major new software upgrades are used to force people to upgrade to a newer unit. Lorance and Garmin will give these upgrades to existing owners.

Tolek Banan says:

Buying Terrova 80 MDI Ipilot Link paired with Helix 10 Chirp MDI+ G3N

TheJtaylor000 says:

Very helpful. Thank you for your hard work.

hulkhuggett says:

Man, what a great video. Answered a bunch of my questions. Thanks, new sub.

Slipshank D says:

I have the gen 1 helix 10 and absolutely love it. Can see all I see on gen 3 hds. Now the new live is a little better but it doesn’t have 360 like helix. Its just what each wants on his boat. The get all of us on the 360 and hds 3d. But each is good. Haven’t seen a solix yet so can’t comment on it.


I’m totally impressed with the details you went through getting that right. Using the level and everything else you did. Awesome video with the comparison of the two. Keep up the great work brother. Tight lines from Rick over at R & J Bass Fishing

Fisherman 83 says:

Just bought the Elite 9ti for 599 at Basspro and also got a 50 dollar gift card and free installation….. best prices I have seen

FatBoy Jigs says:

I love my Lowrance products.

Brakkeleer Thuis says:

Great and honest comparison video! If you waited a bit longer you could have the Elite TI2! 😉

dan hufferd says:

I will buy the old elite hdi

Harold Baade says:

Thanks for your help. I’ll take your suggestions

William Green says:

You have provided the most through and honest evaluation of these products as I have ever heard. Thank you and God bless.

Robby Radford says:

Thank you so much…..I’ve had this question for sooo long. God bless

vt71 says:

Great, unbiased review. Well done

Wes Lovelace says:

I’m running 2 GPS’s, a bottom machine & marine radio all integrated from Garmin, Sitex, & Raymarine on the offshore boat & I also carry an ACR EPIRB. All are individual units. I like the bigger screen & the amount of definition & side scan provided with the Lowrance….

Malcolm Zoll says:

great video, and a lot of information Thank You

Sam Saccuzzo says:

After doing this with me Elite9TI – IT DID NOT WORK, waste of time-do not set it up like this!!!!

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