Lowrance Elite 3x Review | On Ice

Ice fishing with the Lowrance Elite 3x. An inexpensive color display unit that gets the job done. For more check out our website: http://www.dellabay.com/

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Doug Larsen says:

I had an old Lowrance X67c I really liked. I’ve heard the 3x just can’t pickup enough of the jig in deep water. (30ft even) is that your experience? I imagine you were using a tiny jig for those Crappies

Сергей Коротков says:

Спасибо, все понятно разъяснили где рыба и как пользоваться эхолотом зимой

Caleb Erosa says:

With the battery provided in the ice machine package, how many hours of non-stop use do you think you get with this bad boy?

R McFar says:

What makes a Vexilar flasher $300 -$400 better?

1212 Qwqw says:

Bottom afoot as though on a boat does row? And fish swims in one side ! it as ???

tayfs414 says:

Nice video! Shows exactly what you can expect to see when you first get out there.

Dub V says:

Great video. Very informative, I only found this video because currently academy sports and outdoors has this finder for 89$.

Fishin' Ain't Easy says:

That’s one of the better fish finder explanations / examples I’ve seen scowering through all the crud here on YouTube.  Thank you for that!


does anyone know if you can put a lowrance mark 4 hdi on this ice fishing kit? or does it only limit to this one fish finder. thanks

Jordan Martel says:

Hey man, where did you get the transducer for the lowrance, I have the unit with the boat mount. Thanks


Tom Koster says:

Does the Elite 3x have another ice fishing view other than the right to left scroll (does it have a vertical view similar to a Marcum Showdown)?

Tony Nash says:

Nice video. I have troubles seeing my lure even with the sensitivity high.. I’m wondering if it has to do with the color line setting. What is the number value of the color line setting that you use? Thanks

Western Pa Anglers says:

Kool tip

Scott Miller says:

I noticed that when you have the Fish ID on you can’t see your jig. Is that the way it is or am I doing something wrong?

PowerfulLeviB says:

does it have a flasher setting?

Mn Riva Fishin says:

I have the newer hook 3x and it’s the same size of the elite 3x. I was wondering if I could just buy the ice transducer and the little pack and battery it comes with.

john catalano says:

Great video, I just bought the package with this unit for ice fishing,, got it for $200.00 canadian. Just wondering,, was it hard to set up ? also, does it work well when in water over 100 ft (120 – 140ft) is our normal range.

2GoonsFishing says:

I just got rid of mine a month ago, I loved mine. I switched to a hummingbird ice 35 flasher

Lawrence Johnson says:

Thanks for takin the time to post and answer questions. I used mine today ,don’t have the ice transducer, just tossed the skimmer in the hole with foam pipe insulation .It worked real good at a few depths,others not so much( seein the jig and all).anyway,what are your other settings ping speed,color.I caught fish,but wish I had it dialed in better

Nomad yakking II says:

I have the elite 3x as well love the unit good video

chalse70 says:

Nice video, well done. I just got an Elite 4 chirp ice today. Putting it together, got a bit confused on the rubber cord Lowrance supplied to support the transducer. Would seem that this would not allow the transducer to hang level. The float and stopper go on this cord, not the transducer cord. Any suggestions?

Joseph Ryan says:

did that unit come with the ice transducer? If not what kind of ice transducer is it?

Larry Horne says:

Nice video I got the unit for my kayak last year help out a lot

Ross Watterson says:

great video! what batteries do you use to power it?

Jeffery Schatzer says:

Picking mine up tomorrow. Using it for ice fishing and kayak work. Thanks for the interesting review

Matteo Sivilotti says:

excellent video! thanks

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