lowrance elite 3x fish finder review

this is a review on the lowrance elite 3x fish finder ……. i hope you like it ! leave a like and don’t hesitate to comment and subscribe!


timmylee1974 says:

so this worked well shooting the transducer through the bottom of your kayak? it dont disrupt the readings at all? nice video

pierce lafleur says:

i make my own soft plastic baits, i will also be putting up some videos of my bait making process. 

Warren White says:

This Utube video tells me NOTHING! The sound is terrible and the presenter is commenting on a simulated screening which has NO bearing on practicle use. I have had my unit for 8 months and although I really try, the unit leaves me cold. It starts off showing colour and very soon all colour fades. It does not show structure unless it is shallow water and even then it is misleading. If I am anchoured in a shallow river, not mooving and things like rocks or logs keep mooving across my screen although there is no water moovement and I am not mooving at all. It will not pick up things like traps or snags. In deeper water the screen shows nothing, not even debris unless I up the sensitivity to the point where it is just clutter. I have NEVER seen a fish arch on my screen. Occasionaly I get black dots go across the screen but so far they have had no bearing on whether fish are there or not. I just use the unit to indicate depth and temprature. I use the unit , an Elite 3X in my Kayak in rivers and my tinnie in Dams. I have been searching for demonstration videos to help me understand the working or what I seem to be doing wrong and so far I have Kayaker who shows us how to paddle a Kayak, a young girl with a dreadful microphone who points at things that are on a simulation and a Russian or German man who cannot be understood and the camerman is more interested in showing pictures of his necklace than the units screen. All in all I cannot push the “Like” button at all.

pierce lafleur says:

Your welcome @Zw1d im glad you found it

texasfarmboy1 says:

Hey bud, I was wandering if you had  water time with the new Elite 3?  I read reviews on Bass pro site on some other Lowrance models and didn’t sound like they worked real well. I really like this model and hope its a good one. Wandering if it picks up fish or not. I know lakes are frozen now but let me know how it does.

David LaPan says:

nice job kid…keep fishing!!
 tight lines

LTownBassin says:

good job man this actually helped me out with how to power the thing.. good video

gypsy2765 says:

will that unit measure water depth less than 3 feet

Mike Boston says:

hey stupid, if you haven’t used it on the water, don’t do a review for it!

Zw1d says:

I was looking for how actually you power the device and i found it. Thanks.

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