Live Review Handheld Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder Ice Fishing

Live Review Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder Ice Fishing

First time using this unit in action. It was very windy and about +5 celsius. The device really did it´s job very good and it sure got me chasing around the lake for several hours drilling god knows how many holes in the ice!

I tried my usual hotspots but they did not show any fish at all (around 12-14meters depth).

So i decided to go closer to the shore to see what was happening in shallow water, and sure enough, there they where! Well atleast the small ones… But i was happy to finally find some fish on the screen and also managed to get a few to take my bait, the Rapala self glowing jigging lure that i found for a very good price in “pioneerproducts2011” ebay store. Main fish target for the day was actually Zander or if they are called “Jack”? but they are rather hard to find and get to take bait -atleast for me… Instead i got several perch (i said bass which is incorrect since i was fishing in a lake, not in the ocean!)

So the fish finder. My thoughts so far. Very easy to use, small, light weight and handy. Comes with very long cord, several meters that could be good for summer and boat usage. As for now during winter i winded the cord up and put overflow into legpocket which was ok.

Positive things Lucky Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder:
+ You can see if there are any fishes where your lure is and also exactly what depth they are.
+ Very easy to use
+ Cheap
+ Comes with a handy neck strap so it can hang around your neck
+ Sonar strenght adjustable in 5 increments for very deep or muddy waters
+ Possible to have backlight in screen during night fishing
+ Battery save mode available
+ Fish and undergrowth indication aswell as rocks
+ Effective search and chase fishing
+ Audible fish indication is possible
+ Very long signal cord for those who want to use this fish finder with a boat during summer

Less optimal things with Lucky Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder:
– Unable to save desirable options like sonar strenght, backlight, battery mode, audio ON or OFF. Unit powers off and goes back to default values (which are ok for most of the time)
– Very much drilling and less fishing, ie less time with lure in the water because you see an empty “hole” in the screen i instantly gave up and drilled a new whole somewhere else which means you risk missing out on the the occasional wandering fish that might come swiming by your hole.
– Too long signal cord for ice fishing. The very long cord gets a bit cumbersome since you really dont need that much cord when ice fishing. 2-3 meters would be more than enough.
– Not possible to use through the ice, atleast not in my case when ice thickness was around 20-25cm, Signal could not penetrate the ice. (Yes i has water around the sensor as per instructions from the manual)
– No warranty! Only 14 days return policy if defective
– High battery usage when used in low temperature

Feel free to post comments and questions and i´ll try to answer them for you.

Found and bought this on ebay for 45USD shipping included from Hong Kong to Sweden. Delivery around 10-14 days


Joe Hunter says:

Nice video, but crap unit !

Janelle De los Santos says:

hi can u use this for commercial fishing?

Ignas Grigaravicius says:

How to use a setup ?? I push the button but nothing happens. I get this from my friend from sweden and I have instructions just scandinavian speak. I use this but he show not correct depth always 17 or 30metters, but in this place depth is maximum 3metters. Maybe you have some manual in english speak and help me ?

GuteBysen says:

Hi. I have only tried this unit in freshwater, it should be able to work in seawater aswell. How much is a garmin compared to this sonar?

Shaun Jermyn says:

i brought this and the wireless one i must say they both work perfect in the Mediterranean  

Roy Ismael says:

Great review, GuteBysen, intressant! Did you try it from a boat? Would luv to try one out with my inflatable pontoon boat, its so small and handy. I wunder, are you still happy with it and does it use up a lot of battery during a day out? Cheers och ha det bra! Roy

GuteBysen says:

WTF! This clip is less than two minutes long and the air temperature was +3celsius. No i did not eat the perch and yes we meet now and than and have coffe together… (meaning it was released and was ok!). Have you ever seen a commercial fishing boat empty its fishing net and manually kill every fish?… There must be millions and millions of fishes every day.

Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman says:

3.28 feet is 1 meter ? .Almost a yard , a yard being 4 feet ? .

Sofyan Herbowo says:

did it work on sea water? or it have some kind of different reading like difference range between salt and fresh water. do you think i should buy this or garmin? i really dont need fancy function. just depth and fish. tks b4 for the respond

haz3t says:

There are numerous species of Bass that live in salt water, both exclusively and also anadromous fish. Here are just a few… Striped Bass, Kelp Bass, Black Sea Bass, Giant Sea Bass, etc. Bass is more of a colloquialism than a scientific term, but most if not all species considered to be bass are of the order perciformes. Perciformes is the largest order of vertebrate animals on Earth.

GuteBysen says:

Hi, yes i am. Ohh cool Bali that sounds nice and sunny! 🙂

GuteBysen says:

I have noticed a problem that can occur after some usage. The cable can easilly brake and water will come into the sonar if you are not carefull!

Perhaps I will make a video showing the problem and how to avoid it. I will make this mod to my new identical fish finder which i have just ordered from eBay.

Mr Fieldstein says:

Did you ever fix the problem with the water getting into the sonar? If so, how did you fix it?

Spetnatz Mlaku2 says:

Best review for this device i think, thx for sharing…have u ever try it on aboat?

Allan Seitz says:

I am considering buying this sonar. I got one question tho, can you see the ground structure or does it only show the depth?

Hoghs says:

can you manually change from Meters to feet? I’m sure you can but noticed yours was in Meters.

Lake life Fishing says:

Or you could spend a little more money and get something good like a marcum or a vexilar

You can get the basic marcum unit for 260 on sale or the fl-8 se vexilar unit for 270

Marcin Mautin says:

its a pearch!!

C Fong says:

Did you eat that Perch just left on the ice? if not why did you not return it straight away? There’s killing out of necessity and then there’s what you appear to be doing.Did the Perch have to just get left on the ice like that while you did a review of your fish finder?

Shelby Brewer says:

sorry but thats not a bass thats a yellow perch

Maciek Czajkowski says:

Did you recommend this fish finder ?

Diego Garcia says:

Does it show your jig when you put it in the water as you go down in the water to see how deep your jig is

Gornal Piker says:

Why does your depth change from 2.1 to 0.8 but you never move?

Henrik L says:

….aaaaaaaactually *adjusting nerdy glasses*….it’s not walleye…the walleye (sander vitreus) is a north american relative to the “zander”, that you are obviously refering to. Only zander (sander lucioperca) , not walleye, can be found in swedish freshwater lakes and brackish waters such as coastal lines of the baltic sea. – “the more you know” ___* ps: i own the same model and it is very useful when ice fishing for stocked rainbow trout, Why? because rainbow trout is almosted always introduced into the lake in larger sizes so you don’t have to worry about the sonar picking up schools of baitfish and…it gives you the ability to watch for rises made by the spotted fish indicating interest in your lure! enjoy 😉

Juan Marin says:

Were you able to mark your lure? If so, could you tell when the fish were going to hit the bait/lure? Thanks!

jeffrey carver says:

can it find a phone at the bottom of a lake

GuteBysen says:

Thanks, So far i have only seen yellow.

GuteBysen says:

Sounds to me like there might be something wrong with your device. I would contact the seller and ask for a replacement. As you can see in the video my sonar fish finder is working perfect.

Wenjay Tew says:

is the quality good? .. please reply. anyproblem with it? .. china product are not reliable man… im scare of it

habitualstudios says:

It’s not going to work in a bucket, you need to go to an actual lake to try it. In a bucket, the signal will bounce around and make it screwy

พงษ์พันธุ์ โปรณะ says:

What’s smallest of the fish that could detect by this equipment ?

Vincent SH Juan says:

Hi, is it possible for you to show is the packaging (the box and contents), I am getting one but not sure if it’s the same thing as yours

Bernie o'connor says:

That is a perch and not a bass.

Mohammad Farid says:

Does it really work, i bought one of these but when i test it in a pale. it show fishes on the screen when the pale has no fishes in it!

mediumlock twit says:

thanks !!!

sambonoby sambo says:

Is there any drawbacks?

BankBassTV says:

that’s a perch

666MM420 says:

How long does the battery last??

Cooley Lake Angling says:

That’s a yellow perch

Devon Fishing says:

I bought on of these for my boat worst fish finder soon as u start moving it shows fish everywhere but then when u stop they disappear, the only thing it’s good for is a death gage

toolman272 says:

That’s a perch not a bass.

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