Is Deeper Fish Finder worth the money? (Part 1)

In this video I break down a few of the key attributes Deeper Smart Fish Finder brings to the fishing industry and why you should give it a try!

Where to buy Deeper:

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ciproxr says:

at 5 min in he said usb import lol

JustinBieber says:

So how much money did you get for this review Jon?

Scott J says:

Hahahahahahahah don’t sell your marcum! What did deeper pay you for this review??

Hunter Thibodeaux says:

He dose not know alot about fish finders. You can pick up a Lowrance. Garmin. Or a Hummingbird for less then 100$ for a small modle. Just about any were.

Welder Nate says:

8:12 Small mouth anglers at night?

metaloutlander says:

I bought this…. What a total waste of money, the bluetooth disconnects every couple of minutes and when you cast
it out it makes a huge splash and spooks all the fish… Not impressed. 

Michael Harmon says:

Nice video bro. Very informative. Thanks

Rob Lopez Bible answers says:

also does deeper use up internet data? thanks in advance

BEERSCO 138 says:

wow an old video

Chris Bro says:

obviously sponsored by deeper.

Big'n89 says:

fffs came here to see it used and catch fish…

Eddie Watson says:

very informative just might have to get one

Author No1 says:

Fish Hunter works great and is a better buy @ $149.00 on Amazon Prime. Tied to the gunnel of my kayak with 550 cord it gives me all the info I need to find bass. 8 hours of battery life.

thanu t says:

thx man work great

Heriberto Rodriguez Sr says:

Make your own for less than 50 bucks! Seriously this thing is way overpriced!

Nick Elliot says:

hate reviews that only state the positve so bias

Wicked Gaming says:

ill pass on paying 300 bugs

MrDMV816 says:

Nice review man.

Casper Audi says:

You talk & no action the deeper too much talking

Tony Tha Killa says:

Im in canada and i just got it for 300$. Expensive but i think that’s gonna be a very cool gadget specially for shore fishermans like me. Im also gonna use it for my float tube and i think that”s gonna be perfect . There are a lot of things to do with the application like a flasher mode for ice fishing or a calender in wish you can leave notes of how your day as been just for an example… Seems like a nice product!

Team Wagy says:

I feel like this product is perfect for shore fishermen, but not ideal for off shore fishermen.  Just my opinion, but it looks great! 😀

wenly1028 says:

Hope you got a free deeper for advertising for deeper in the cold weather lol

Robert Mc Derment says:

your just dribbling shit mate

my name says:

“not knowing a lot about the fish finder” = Useless

“cant show you all the features”  = Useless

“cheapest fish finder that goes on a boat is $240”  = Very very wrong

Why make the video in the first place?


Teddy cooke says:

he looks so different now  then he did 3 years ago

Welder Nate says:

Don’t comment if you’re going to compare this to something that has a cord or is not able to be casted on a line. Not even in the same category. This would be aimed at sellers that fish from the bank.

Dave L says:

great video

fathog 247 says:

they suck the don’t honor there warranty there customer service suuucks. beware doesn’t work that great either.

Toby Garrett says:

where did you purchase the night fishing tops for your deeper. I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find them

Sal Palos says:

Just started kayak fishing. Would you recommend this, instead of a regular depth finder that fits on kayaks?

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