iBobber Review & Test

I got this iBobber based on some good reviews. Sadly, my experience wasn’t so great. I tried 2 different ponds/lakes and got nothing but errors and issues. Wasted 2 hours messing with the thing. Sending back for full refund and will review a similar product from a different company in the near future.


Brian Holbrook says:

Just got it. Had the same issue and had to restart my phone to clear the bluetooth cache. It worked like a charm after that.

The Mysterious Toad says:

if you’re using anything other than Bluetooth four it wont work properly.

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

Just stopping by to give a like and show my support.

Cory Reeves says:

Bummer Tab. Did you ever get it to work at all? That thing looks like it would be very cool and it isn’t cheap.

David Siek says:

Hey earthling, I know this may be off topic, but I have a male RES turtle and as males they have long claws. Should I bother trimming them or should I keep it all natural?

PondHopperBassin says:

What kind of species do you fish for? Do you prefer spinning or baitcasting? Live bait or lures?

pablo98 says:

you look like saul silver from pineapple express haha
apart from that, great video

Rookie Budget Fishing says:

Works flawlessly on iOS
Garbage on android

Nick Hall says:

man that sucks about that ibobber, my friend has the deeper and it works good! look forward to some fishing vids! you should try catching a bass on a R/C boat with a spinnerbait or lure tied to fishing line behind it! that would be cool!

RoboTekno says:

Interesting device. There’s something about Bluetooth (2.4ghz radio) and water that sounds like a terrible mix to me. 2.4 doesn’t work under water, and I’d imagine bobbing at the surface would produce a very weak signal, especially when cast more than 10 feet from you. You’d probably have to have your phone directly over it to get a good signal. I mean my Bluetooth headphones hardly reach 30 feet, and that’s line of sight through air, haha. This iBobber may work best when you drop it off next to your boat or canoe, but not cast far away like off the shoreline. Thanks for the review though, I didn’t know these types of portable sonar/fish finders were a thing. I guess you could call this thing the ‘iBummer’, haha.

ONTA 909 says:

Hey your back!!!!

Sleek Gamer says:

You have to turn down the sensitivity because of the current

jon mellor says:

Who was nervous for the phone on the railing?

Cats are Gods says:

glad to have you back, man

JohnnyKanuk says:

What Samsung is that? If that is an S3 I think they had Bluetooth issues. It maybe your phone. I would try it with another phone before you take it back. I have a friend that has an Ibobber and it worked great and we tossed it way out there.

Rookie Budget Fishing says:

Also to note it work better than any other on the market I’ve owned all three and the ibobber is the best. Simple and cheap and effective. The hunter and deeper can’t handle even a ripple in the water. They disconnect and won’t reconnect when you reboot it’s a hassle. So while the actual sonar on this ibobber isnt really the best looking with the details its over all my choice I have both android and an iPhone. I solved all issues with the iPhone. Though I would have preferred the connection to have been a wifi connection much more reliable and further reach.

Edgarv68 says:

I couldnt get my ibbober to work right so i stopped using it, then my buddy told me to take it out and we got it to work, and it was awesome.

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