iBobber Fish Finder IN ACTION (quick review)

This is a quick review of the iBobber fish finder that I recorded a few months ago. I wanted to show you guys the iBobber in action. I went to a small pond to test out the iBobber fish finder and do a quick review. The iBobber is a castable fish finder that you tie onto your fishing line. It is great for bank fishermen. You pair it with your smartphone (iphone or android) using bluetooth. It tells you water depth, water temperature and also shows fish that are swimming beneath your iBobber. You can also map the bottom of the body of water that you are fishing. It shows you humps, dips, drop offs, grass/weeds etc. It is a very useful tool and easy to use. It can definitely help you find fish and catch more fish!

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fablekk vlogs says:

ive thought about buying theproversion for ice fishing

Fishing Fever Tv says:

That thing is pretty cool

Wayn Jul says:

Some good technology. Subbed. Nice to get a return.

Ryan Kerby says:

Love your videos hope I win the giveaway

steel salad says:

Nice video as always.

Citykid Hunting and fishing says:

I got one fish finder kinda sucks but depth finder was on point but I used it off my boat..good video keep it up

NB Fisherman says:

nice how match did you pay for that?

Roger Stowe says:

Good review. Looks like it will work for bank or kayak fishing.

Tyler Orito says:

Cool video might have to pick one of those up keep up the videos

Prime Catch says:

I’d say it’s good for ice fishing but in open water looks more work than it’s worth. Just my opinion. Good vid!

Ryno Dynomyte says:

Great app buddy!

Squirrel Coffin says:

I just resently found your channel and now im hooked cant wait for your next vid…. what bait or lure would you use for a trout stocked pond

Rapid Outdoors says:

Nice hope I win your giveaway and how is the deeper one

Cj H says:

Awesome vid I subbed.

By the way are you from West Virginia
I am


Great video!

John's Fish Tales says:

Good review, I’ve been contemplating getting something like this.

Fishing With Lou says:

i’m on the fence on whether or not to buy this or the other deeper pro

Rob Dingledorf says:

I bought one last spring . As a shore lake fishermen it spotted crappie. Adjusted depth on my slip bobber and it was on ! Crappie for days ! Really helps locate and zone in fish. Played it forward and gave it to my fishin buddy as a gift after a great week of fishin in souther Iowa.
Thanks for the review, brough back memories we hope to duplicate in May…

Michael Ramsey says:

I have looked at similar devices, but the places I would want to use it doesn’t have cell signal.

Dale Hammond says:

I’ve thought about this type of thing in a remote control boat. A tiny toy boat wouldn’t spook the fish and could be very helpful in a variety of situations. Nice to see someone is going this direction. My boat idea could also be used to transport a live minnow rig to a location and then release it. This would make for getting the bait out deeper, etc., and keep the minnow in better condition (better than the shock from a big cast).

ReelSonar says:

Hi, Fish Hawk! It looks like you may have your line attached to the bobber attachment. When you’re reeling it is, the iBobber is being pulled up so that the red portion is partially out. This may be why you’re getting the “Out of water” message. Try again tied to the centerline attachment point (don’t forget the braided line and swivel!) and let us know if you still get that when you shouldn’t. Thanks again for your review and business! And remember, all sonar needs at least 4′ to operate properly 🙂 Let us know if you need anything!

Thomas Starkey says:

Deeper tries to make this product look bad, but in all reality, it’s no different than Deeper. Except maybe for the price.


Would u recommend this I thought about getting or the deeper but still not sold

Enthusiastic Fisherman says:

iBobber looks pretty neat! Great video!

aj qd says:

I’ve been looking at this for a while. Just waiting for a sale.

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