Humminbird Helix10 Mega CHIRP G2 Review – Keep’r Cull

Should you upgrade from a Humminbird Helix Gen1 to the new Humminbird Mega CHIRP Gen2? BassGeek answers that question in this edition of Keep’r Cull!
We also Talk about if the upgrade from a Helix 9 to a Helix 10 is worth it.

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Sirko Raue says:

What you think? Lowrance HDS 9 carbon or Humminbird mega 12 si ??

Rich Shackelford says:

Great video Hank. I am saving for a 36 inch screen for these old eyes of mine. LoL

Roy Roth says:


Chris Adams says:

I think all the gen 2’s have a dedicated crystal for DI. I had a helix 5 gen 1 on the bow and now i have a gen 2 on the bow and there is a big difference in the two. But i could be wrong on that. But the gen2 picks up things the gen 1 didnt. Lowrance does have a better di but in my experience they very glitchy thats why i switched to humminbird.

Money Bass says:

Mega units win tournaments!
*Catching Bass for Cash*

East Kentucky Outdoors says:

Humminbird Rocks!

Terry Weaver says:

Well my boat had a helix 5 on it when I bought it,,si/di. I’m not impressed with it ,,I fish a old collapsed boat dock that I 100 percent know is there and it doesn’t show up on s/I I really do want a mega though,,especially since I have a ultrex,,but it’s probably not in my cards at that price tag,,but maybe one day. Thanks for another great informative video!

Eddie Adams says:

Does the 10 come with an HD transducer?

T Hart says:

Should I run power cable straight to cranking battery without inline fuse with 10g wire to prevent interference

bryce weaver says:

Biggest question, who had the best price on these units to buy? Also how much more is the 12″?

codfishing180 says:

Hello bg nice work is the helix coming out with a bigger screen or is it just the 10 at the moment.

O Scale Train Club- Camera on Train Cab Rides says:

One caution this is not like buying a big screen TV. Do not assume that all the Helix units have the same basic performance and that you are just paying for a larger display screen on the higher price units. Apparently Hummingbird puts in cheaper electronics and transducers on lower end Helix units. I was fooled into thinking that the Zoom feature could be used to offset the lack of larger screen. I bought a new Starcraft boat off the showroom that came with a preinstalled package Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 on the transom. This Helix unit has a street price of about $250. I was a little disappointed they did not add the DI for another $50. Everywhere you see rave reviews, although most of the reviewers have not actually tested it on the water. It would not have been my choice if I had been ordering a boat, I would have added bigger screen with DI and SI. However as a fishfinder this Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 unit is next to worthless, garbage in max mode and nothing very useful except depth in clear mode. Does not show much structure and no fish arches either. Actually it is not any better than the Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy Portable I used to have.
I moved my Garmin 7SV from my Basstender over to the trolling motor on my new boat. Using it in split screen with 2D only on half of the screen for comparison with same size images. The Garmin is outstanding (even on half screen) in showing bottom structure, weeds, and fish. Compared the Garmin and the Helix with just the trolling motor pulling the boat.
So is you are buying any unit make sure you evaluate it with the screen, transducer, and electronics package you are considering.

BassGeek says:

For those of you whom where on the live stream and won stickers make sure you check that video and get me your address in an email.

Eric Hildreth says:

Hey thanks for the great video and the information that you have provided about these units has been really helpful!!!

Rod Royal says:

My problem is I fish trolling motor only or restricted hp lakes. I moved my 997c si to the front because I’m never behind the wheel. Even with extended ram mount, my eyes aren’t good enough to read di and si very well. Thinking of trying to extend arm on ram but think it might get in the way. Good thing is most of my fish are usually shallow. 2D works pretty well for me. Tight lines Hank!

Paul Childress says:

Keep em coming bro. Good vid.

Danchuck Fishing says:

BassGeek thanks for this video, I have a 9” Gen 2 unit. I’m going to wait until I can afford the 12” unit. At the end of the video, you answered the question I was seeking.

Kevin Pollard says:

I ment hawgs

Sirko Raue says:

Is chirp better then mega ?

James Queen says:

Looking to upgrade from 987 si c which is not reading chart they are no longer repairable according to humminbird . Good info about the down imaging .

Fishin N Stuff says:

I have both , I would say the mega Is better , I would a agree with ya

Rick Shipley says:

Great Video. I am going to be buying a new depth finder. Humminbird G2 Mega Chirp it is!!

T Hart says:


tim wilhelmson says:

thanks, good stuff

Central Coast Bass says:

Nice video again, makes me want to get a boat again. Might need one to become a mega channel on YouTube.

Lee Yarbrough says:

Another good video like always.

Kevin Pollard says:

Thanks for the vid, very helpful. But now we want to see you catch some hawks!

BA Fishing says:

Great video and comparison

In The Bucket Outdoors says:

So when I see a fish where do I throw behind my boat? Have a 9inch g2n @ the console only and have no clue how to catch fish with it? HELP!!!

Marshall Law says:

I’ve been trying to decide whether to get a helix 12 di, si mega Gen 2 now or wait for the Gen 3.
As bad as I want one now I think I’ll wait for the Gen 3 after watching this

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