HumminBird Helix 9si Review – Keep’r Cull

BassGeek Reviews the Humminbird Helix 9si and tells you what I likes and what I don’t. Will we Keep’r Cull the Helix units?


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Michael Bryant says:

Thanks this was a big help, I was looking at this unit.

caca2936 says:

I bought a lowrance hds12 gen 2 about 4 months ag and I absolutely love it but my second choice was the helix but after the rent and bills were payed and the deal I got I had to buy it graphs are a very important in fishing competitively in this day and age.

David Hopper says:

I bought a new humminbird helix 9 si mega, how can i tell if my transducer is HD or not?

Robert Daoud says:

great video!! i think im gonna try the lowrance elite 7ti unit it comes with a great transducer. but this video did help i have been going back and fourth on which to buy!!

Frank Long says:

I’m getting ready to buy a couple of these, I’m glad I found out about the trade-in!!!

Southern Outdoors Fishing says:

Great video, I love watching videos like this on depth/fish finder electronics!!

Gordon Hill says:

G’day, I’m looking at upgrading to the Helix, but deciding whether to go with the 9″ or 10″, price is a big difference here in Australia around $800 is that 1″ worth the extra money? I’m coming from the old 798 series. Thanks from downunder.

Barry Odom says:

Helix vs Solix . I know Solix is touch screen , but is it worth the extra $?

cmatthew says:

Thanks for the info! I am grabbing 2 Helix 9’s for the rig and this info was great! I will definitely be calling the dealer about HD transducer swap out!

Rod Royal says:

bought HB 997c SI years ago. it was $2౦00. Now there is down imaging. This week I watched videos about updating HB. Never thought of unit as a computer but that’s what it is. HB offers free updates that you use a SD card to transfer. Took awhile for me to figure out , screens on videos always look different than mine, but got it done. I now have down imaging. Maybe you could let people know how important upgrading software is. Kudos to HB for offering it for free. Good luck, Hank

Tina MacFadden says:

I am needing some help on deciding which fish finder  and gps combo to buy. What I want is one that will give me mph, depth, able to see what’s under me as far as structure, and one that has everything included like the transducer and mounting brackets. If you could please help me. Thank you so much!

Jerry Schisler says:

Very informative down to earth video. great info on the HD transducer, im getting ready to buy a Helix 9 si gps Thank you.

Tom Threet says:

Enjoyed video!! Where did you buy your units at? I’m looking to buy two units as mine went out. Thanks in advance.

IIUnknxwnxOppsII Unknown corporation says:


Buckshot Buddy says:

you sure can take those views off amigo. i cut out the majority so im not pressing buttons all day. reply if you need me to tell you how

Tim Morris says:

Is the transducer that comes with the Helix 9 G2N the HD that your talking about?

Buck Junkie says:

I just ordered a HELIX 7 CHIRP G2 DI GPS. Will the G2 come with the HD transducer? Also I ordered Lakemaster for it. Will it show all of the contours like on the Onix units?

Casey Chilson says:

How big of a deal is the HDSI transducer? I just upgraded to a helix 9 from a 7 and love the idea of just dropping it in and going fishing – but now you are making me rethink and doing the trade in.

Jake's GoPro says:

my grandpa broke his a month ago. ill tell him about this. nice video 🙂

x_Gamble Man_x says:

Was hooking up thed NMEA200 connection easy? I am going to hook up my helix 9 and my Yamaha HPDI here in the next week when my hardware comes in. Any input is appreciated! Great video by the way.

Austin Carter says:

Do the Helix 7 G2N’s have the HD transducer with them?

Patrick McCandless says:

Great video. So am I reading correctly that there are basically 3 different transducers being talked about? The compact that comes with the gen1 units, the upgraded HD transducer that you can trade in for, and the transducer that now comes with the g2n mega si units? If I upgrade the transducer on a gen1 unit with the one you mention what would then be the difference between the gen1 and g2n besides networkable? Thanks for your time!


very nice video:) we like&sub:) hope you sub back:) Like # 13

Pickwick Marine Electronics says:

Nice video!! I just want to add some information for your viewers.

The latest software update adds bottom hardness and vegetation to Auto Chart live. I haven’t had a chance to test the vegetation mode but the bottom hardness seems to work well.

The Helix 9 G2n mega unit comes with the full-size transducer and all the G2n mega units have a transducer that includes a stand-alone Di element like the Onix and Gen 3 have had for years. The separate Di element is why the Di on the older Helix/core units isn’t as good. I am suggesting a G2N Mega purchase to all of my Gen1 helix customers as a replacement for the console unit.

Moto_ bro_24 says:

I am thinking of getting a helix 10 or a hds 9 not sure what to get

Makaveli Benitez says:

Are these a good unit: Humminbird Helix 9 GPS sonar

ronald lukovich says:

Are we gonna be able to update our units with the new mega DI and SI G2n when it comes out in dec.

618 Fishing says:

great stuff man I was looking at this unit so this video helped out a lot. great info on that trade in program. they really should make that transparent in the packaging, but hey i guess that’s business… haha nice video!

Nick Winchester says:

Humminbird Onix 8 and Helix 7. I wish I had seen this video before I purchased the Helix so that I could have 1) gotten the HD transducer and 2) spent a little more to get the Helix 9. Thanks for the information. Very useful and helpful.

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