Humminbird Helix 7 Side Imaging and Down Imaging Features and Overview

A quick run-through of what Humminbirds new Helix series can do.
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FishVick26 says:

What card are you running with this unit?

Universal Steele says:

@ 7:00 The frequency has nothing to do with the width of the beam, it is the wavelength. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength and the more detail you will get. In turn, the lower freqs will go deeper but will give less detail.

Becky Miller says:

I love my helix 7 but one thing o hate is that it doesn’t have the preset screens like my 899ci HD

Scott Olyer says:

Finally an average guys thoroughly reviewing the features. Thanks for the upload. The overview helped.

Alvin Nelson says:

can you use the trolling motor and fish finder on the same battery at the same time without causing a problem with the fish finder?

Bruno Walkowiak says:

Great Vid man! What do you think of the new helix 7 with chirp sonar, or the new helix 9 with mega down and side view?

GT Bass Fishing says:

Good vid man saved me a ton of reading!

David Lintz says:

For general use, this is a decent instruction video….if you aren’t sure what frequency means or don’t know what clear vs max means, just skip it instead of guessing and getting it wrong

Nathan Lampshire says:

Is the side imaging shown in the vid with the hd transducer?

Raluf Cabrera says:

Why does my depth not work when over 15mph, it says 1′

Philip Elrod says:

Can you give me the exact setting to be able to see the lure falling (Jigging Spoons or Drop Shot) on the sonar of the unit? I have tried everything including talking to Humminbird three times and I still can’t see the lure falling.

Joshua Foster says:

For the read outs, does the helix 7 have an odometer reading to tell me how many miles I’ve traveled?


What battery loss are you finding? My battery reading 12.5 volt after charging and letting it sit couple weeks, my fishfinder showed 12.3 volts. Could unit drain down .2 or maybe voltage loss through wires?


Lowrance 2d kicks ass


Typical Lowrance owner comment….

Your a dickstick.

Athao Thao says:

nice humminbird helix 7s

Craig Lawson says:

Looks really good. shame about the networking. good video. Keep them coming….

Richard Petersen says:

Thank you for this……very much appreciated….great job…

Craig Lawson says:

Looks really good. shame about the networking. good video. Keep them coming….

FamilyMann says:

This are crap units , I sent mine back and purchased a lowrance !

BassHooker689 _ says:

excellent presentation my friend. I will definitely be getting one of these. tkx

Brian says:

it be nice to know model number for the unit you are showing helix 7 Humminbird has the most confusing model number system I’ve ever seen in my life I think it’s just to keep the customers confused I know damn well I’m buying Garmin I just spent two days looking up the stuff what a crock model 410340-1 410300-1 409850-1 anybody looking to buy one of these things just be careful now I know why the prices are all over the place on them depends on which model you get Humminbird change model numbers like I change fishing bait

doctorxring says:

Contour mode removes water column and rectifies the image. In slant mode, which contains the water column, the image area over the bottom is compressed. Placing unit in contour mode corrects this.

Nathan Kelly says:

Temperature alarm is not for the unit. It’s for water temperature it alerts you when you’re in the water temperature that you’re looking for. 83kz is wide. 200kz is narrow.

stephen melville says:

Thanks for the video. I’m new to sounders and your video really helped me out, keep up the good work.

ffmloyd says:

for someone looking to buy one of these, you just turned me off of it. know your stuff man!

Paul Ersing says:

If you push the menu button once, you can change the sonar colors by scrolling all the way down to imaging colors. Instead of having to go into the extended menu and wasting your time looking for it.

BassMoore says:

after having this for a little while how do you compare this to your Lowrance. . couple things I have found is hummingbird doesn’t have chirp yet .. but the clarity on di and si surpasses what Lowrance can offer.. would u agree or can u give me an opinon on what u think between the 2

Jaymoe69 says:

Is this unit capable for ice fishing???

Tele 71 says:

Thanks for the tips. Will use them to set up my unit.

Playday Rider says:

The temp alarm is not for the unit temperature. It is for water temperature.

smokinhic says:

Nicely done…… Now I need more play time with my unit, Helix 5 si/di. Thank you

Cheryl Beckmann says:

This is the Best Tutorial ever for Helix , thank you so much <>< Billy Beckmann

Rich says:

chart plotting?

Andrew Dickens says:

you can purchase a helix 7 that IS networkable. you bought the G2, but the G2N is networkable.

Stupid Sheet says:

Absolutely brutal video. “Aaah that I’m not sure what it does.” “Ya well you know what that does so I won’t explain it.” “Humminbird is meant to be simple to use so just leave it in normal not advance.” 24 mins of gibberish. Learn the unit before you do a demo.

Elite Skillers says:

at 9:45 is the purple fish or what is that. how does that tell they are fish?

Brian Millar says:

200 hz is narrower beam than the 83 hz.

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