Humminbird Helix 5 review on the water from Fish Finder Mounts

I was really impressed, and very much enjoyed using the Humminbird Helix 5 DI fishfinder on my float tube. This is a great review on the water of the Helix 5 fish finder. It’s actually mounted on an Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS float tube with our U3 float tube fish finder mounting kit from Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com. It was an amazing day for the fishing, and for the weather too. This was shot in Mid September, so we really ran into a great string of weather for this late in the year. Enjoy 🙂


scomeau1 says:

Great review !
Can you please give me some infomation on what type of battery and battery case you are using ?
Thanks Scott

SingleBarbless says:

Great review from someone local. Purchased the Helix 5 SI KVD

Brad Blokland says:

I just bought my self a helix 5 DI , I recommend on getting one if your interested ! Very happy with it so far! 🙂

Dungee Fishing says:

We have the Helix 5 DI, have loved it so far!

Sang Vang says:

what did you used to mount the transducer

blaqueification says:

Hoominbird? Lol Just got the G2 version. I’ll need a magnetic transducer mount for my predator so will be in touch

Joseph Koziol says:

Thanks I learned much from this review.

Ronald Bolen says:

Have you had a problem glare from the Sun. I cannot see the screen at all when the Sun hits the screen. I sent it back to Humminbird and they sent it back not repaired. I have a 798SI and have no problem with it.

Tim Camp says:

Well done! An actually informative video.

Jovan Djukic says:

I have Helix 5 si gps, and in setting i dont have option unit temperature, language, and i can not change feets to metters, coz there istn option meters, does someone know what is this ?

KevinNGinger Williams says:

I just got a boat that came with one of these helix 5 di the transducer is on the back is there a mount to mount it on the trolling motor ….. plus it beeps sometimes on the water  lol does that means it detects fish theres a cupple difrent types of beeps …

Richard E says:

At 0:19 – fish on!

Michael McCullough says:

Debating between the helix 5 DI, the Helix 5 SI KVD combo. and the hook 5. KVD is on sale 420 so $20 more then hook 5. Can you recommend one?
Just want the best bang for my buck. Using Kayak, will sit in box in middle of the feel free lure 13.5. 2016 model

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