How to Read Fish Finder Sonar Technologies

See what many others are already calling arguably the best sonar how-to video ever made! Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski breaks down how to read and interpret what side imaging, down imaging and two-dimensional (2D) sonar are showing you, and how they can improve your fishing.

We filmed real-time drone and underwater video of screen readouts to show you what rocks, weeds, fish, and bottom hardness changes look like on the screen, from the air, and below the water – seeing is believing. Please hit us up with comments and questions, and let us know what you’d like to see from an electronics perspective.

Featured Product:
-Humminbird Helix 12 CHIRP Sonar (, now available in MEGA Imaging ( for greater side and down imaging detail
-Humminbird Lakemaster Digital Chart, Minnesota (

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kim craig says:

That is a great rock findeR!! glad it works for fish to

Todd Smith says:

This was an awesome video, I learned so much from this, well done!

Randy Spear says:

Excellent video gentlemen

BassSniperTV says:

just an awesome video. Thank you!

RockHound144 says:

just the explanation i was wanting. makes me understand it so much more

Aaron blunter says:

When the sonar is on and you hit 2 rocks together under water would you get a better image?

Royal Flukes says:

thx for vid too bad this piece of equipment is worth more than a decent boat

David Jennings says:

Thanks for the layman’s view of a fishfinder,great work.

AZ Gun Guys says:

great video, I have a less expensive hummingbird but this was a big help. please keep these coming. plus I’m a drone pilot so I like the aerial shots too.

tom nichols -American historian says:

great and best work on fishfinders I have found thank you…

Dave Ellison says:

A good presentation on the technology. However, I use my old FishEagle to find fish. The new tech is great for seeing really good pics of weeds, rocks, and the bottom but fish are a dot…hmmm. You demonstrated clearly how 2D clearly identifies fish and you made a point of confirming the dot(s) as fish in 2D. 2D being old school sonar. Coming from Silicon Valley, this new tech demonstrated offers very little incremental improvements. It is Tech for Tech’s sake. A tech looking for marginal improvement. Like golf clubs or fly rods at the end of the day it is about delivering expectations.

Stupid Man says:

HMMMM WHY DIDNT the sonar show the cameraman down there.

the truth about these things is this.
they are simple little boy toys that give kids minds something to sercumvent for themselves.

Jack Herron says:

Your video is great . Wish I could read my 999 that well .

Brian Jarosz says:

Great video. I would love to spend a day with you just understanding my finders and feeling more confident using them. Best I’ve seen in a long time.

Anthony Webb says:

Thanks for the info this is the best vid on YouTube

Bernievids says:

Thanks from Sydney.

SMRo7 says:

At about the 7 minute mark, Kyle goes in, but doesn’t show up on the scanner, and I don’t see any fish!

opticalriot says:

i am just confused more… I will just not waste my time on watching a tv thing and just fish

Caleb Smith says:

I wish my returns were that clear!

More To Living says:

I am outraged! No really…. I am outraged how good this video is! I do not know a single thing about fish finders but man ohh man… this was such a treat to watch.

Too bad you guys did not show a scuba diver on the fish finder. o-O maybe next time.

CanadianTrapper says:

Thanks for the great video!!I have been looking at these and you by far have made this very understandable thx again!!Cheers

sackman098 says:

absolutely by far the best video explaining sonar and switching between different screens.

Nathan Smith says:

Why at 6:33 the traditional could see the fish but it doesn’t show up on the down imaging?

KAT something says:

WOW, and, and, COOL, and, and, and, I’m out of words. Do you give personal lessons 😀 Great video, THANK YOU SIR!!!
ps, anyone hitting thumb down needs to have their left-click finger slapped and to be grounded from their mouse for a month!

Lee Pitts Outdoors says:

Hummingbird has it going on. Love mine, really helps me in tournaments and finding fish for my clients. Great video!

covepoint1 says:

How effective in 80′ – and can you take it offshore ?

James Rice says:


Terry Condon says:

Question-how do you power those units in the garage?

wazup3333 says:

Great video very informative do more on different types of water and fish like fluke!

ThatGuyFishes says:

Now that i know what’s down there, why aint the fish there?


Nice! I learned soooooo much from THIS video.Now I feel more confident on using my new fish finder.Muchas gracias amigo.Much love and support from Mexico.

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