Hawkeye Fishtrax 1X portable fish finder review

Hawkeye Fishtrax 1X portable fish finder review. Have used this over the past summer, and it did everything I wanted it to do.

Hawkeye fish finder http://amzn.to/2DgBgfR

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Paul C says:

Rare anybody do a real review. Thanks for the reviewing it. Still, i’m getting color version. I have no idea it was 30 feet of cord on the transducer. I read it is only 15 feet on some Amazon Q and A. Some reason, i brought a extension cord of the transducer thinking it is 15 feet. Oh, well. Basically, i will get 30 and 15 feet of cord.Wow! My main purpose is using at the beach pier. Maybe, is not as useful, but it sure will be good to know if there is fish at certain spot of the pier wasting time, when fishes migrate to another end of the pier.

Mile High Campers says:

Great Review, Thanks for doing it!

Travis M. Chance says:

Exactly the type of review I was lookin’ for! Thanks!

Brandon Lejeune Fishing says:

great review. I’m going to get one for my kayak now!

SimplyRobSmith says:

picking one up for my kayak

chocograph says:

This is one fantastic review. Thinking of buying it….aaand now I bought the 1c model for ice fishing. Currently sitting in customs ready to be sent to me in a few days.
I’ve now received and tried my 1c model and I’ll keep it short – this things is amazing. I’ve only used it for ice fishing the past two days but both fish finder modes pick up your TINY hooks with no issues whatsoever. I was really curious if this would work like the big dedicated flashers you see on youtube but this thing was AMAZING. I used duracell rechargeable NiHM and when I tested the unit at home in demo mode the batteries only lasted about 5 hours which was weird because when I used it in the water I used it for ca 4 hours and the indicator had moved from 5.5 to 5V and it shuts down at 4. Maybe I’d charged the batteries more. I only used it in my ice fishing tent at something like – 6c with wind outside. I fiddled a LOT with the settings at first but then I left everything on auto and set sensitivity from auto to 90. It was perfect. It was so cool to see it picking up tiny bait the size of half a pea. I used it in 3m depth and well….this thing was just awesome. However…..I’d also bought and brought with me the Aqua Vu micro 2 – the cheapest model. I believe it’s their first model. That thing blew me away. I didn’t NOT expect it to let me view anything more than 2m in front of me but I could see far in the distance. It was so clear. We didn’t catch or see many fish but the very first time I turned on the camera a fish was already there. It didn’t swim into view, it was THERE. It swam away slowly and we didn’t see anything for six hours. I almost felt the camera made the fishfinder useless but as it got dark you couldn’t see anything in front of you with the camera. You can point it down and see the bottom from maybe 1,5m but I think that’s where the fishfinder shines and I’ll definately be using both. I was just amazed at how well both units worked. If I had to recommend one of them I’d pick the Aqua Vu any day. It was incredible to see the fish smelling the bait and eating up things from the lakebed. Incredibly fun. For portability I actually MIGHT recommend you don’t get the fishfinder ice bundle that I have because it’s just something to lug around. Get the lanyard to keep it around your neck if you ever need that but you can just use anything to keep the fishfinder unit upright and put it on the ground. Not directly on the snow but maybe on top of a table or something. It all depends on how much you want to drag with you. I didn’t use any noise filters or clean bottom settings. I wanted to see everything so all of that was left OFF – I only turned sensitivity from auto to 90. I need to make a point that with – my own – settings I didn’t need to move my bait at all to see it constantly on the display. It was always there, constantly – it didn’t disappear. Incredibly fun.

https://imgur.com/a/60hbo The two strong blue signals on the bottom are my lures. The bottom one is a mormyshka with a couple of maggots and above that a 12g normal fishing lure.

Cuttlefish Pie says:

Can you see your jig on the screen? Thinking of a 1x for ice fishing

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