Good, Inexpensive Fish Finder that works for Catfishing: Preview/Review

This time on wildcatters TV, Steve guides you through the confusing and expensive world of electronics or fish finders
Steve shows some real on the water demos with one of the best inexpensive depth finders that will work right out of the box for anglers with little or no experience.
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Voice over by Uncle Harley


Clarence Smith says:

Thank You Steve on all the information on how to use a Fish Finder and how to identify fish and your bait,I just recent picked up a Humminbird 798ci SI HD Combo,I want to buy a 2nd fish finder to have setup on the bow of my boat and I think the Lowrance Elite-5x CHIRP Fish Finder or the Humminbird Helix 5 DI Fish Finder GPS Combo will be one of my next purchases..

monsterman27 says:

nice rig, ive always used hummnbirds but might be in the market to upgrade. This one might due just fine. The way we used to drift fish back home was to drag it on bottom(lakes) havnt done much river drifting. I never tried 3-5′ off the bottom, but im not used to fishing for blues. You get any flatheads up off the bottom like that?

FISH ON says:

Glad to see the another manufacturer offering CHIRP.  It makes a big difference.   I’ve been using CHIRP for the last couple years really like it. Thanks for the video

Welder Nate says:

I went with the Deeper fish finder since I don’t own a boat.

The Prybar says:

Super video Steve. Bought that exact unit a couple of months ago when Lowrance was offering a $100.00 rebate. Got the “gold” with the Navionics+ card for $600.00. Took a few days, but Bass Pro matched my on line price from another company with free shipping to Ky. What do they say?….”I’ll have what he’s having.”

Ross McClure says:

Thanks for the video steve. I have an older lowrance. It’s like a 2011 cheap model that came on my bass tracker. I’ll be looking for a hds 7 in the near future.
Fishin was tough today on the Ohio.

Jason Freeney says:

As always thanks for the great tips Steve I have became a better fisherman all because of you.

Catfish and Carp says:

How to your transmitter does your rod need to be to pick up bait on the sonar? Looked like your rod was about 4 feet to the side of your sonar but still picking it up at 50-60 feet down.

516Spark says:

Where did u get your rod holders

KentDrumz says:

Good video once again,

butterraces04 says:

You have made my decision for me Steve! I have been debating on getting the Lowrance with side scan. Do you think the side scan would be any more beneficial than just sonar and down scan?

Ross McClure says:

I notice you got a bite in over 60′ of water. What’s the deepest depth you’ve caught catfish at?

Andrew Elliott says:

Steve I recently spooled line onto my first baitcaster. I notice when I tug on the line it digs into the spooled line. Is this a problem and if so should I redo the line or is there a way to fix it?

Midwest Fishing Show says:

Good info as always Steve.

Will T says:

Same here, great job describing how it works!

Gills_Grills _And_Yaks says:

Thanks for the review.. Very helpful for completely clueless guys like me..

Kenny B says:

Great information, keep up the good work Steve, God bless…

Abraham Rojas says:


Hostile123 says:

Steve, Will this unit show a thermocline in sonar mode?

Sam_Fisher says:

Sorry steve i came off abrasive. Ya i was drunk off miller highlife. I still enjoy your vids dude, just hard to get people to understand my point of view. Lol when i read your reply i laughed on how stupid i felt for that “dave” bs lol. Miller time impaired my typing.

Jonathan Watts says:

I got the elite7 chirp and wanna get another or the 5x

Paul Merritt says:

Great video explaining what you are seeing on the lowrance….Thank you so much!

jbolin105 says:

Another great video Steve. Was wandering where your transducer is located for that unit.

Steve Shull says:

That’s awesome, I have watched your prior videos an try to understand what you were seeing.  Now I get it, that is great info, simple an easy love it

stephenjray1988 says:

The best cat fisher on the planet i wish u did guided trips

danielij7 says:

Just got the Elite 5. Hopefully will get a chance to try it out this next week. You were right about the action picking up too. Tore them up Friday night. They kept snubbing their noses at my Skip Jack early, so threw the cast net on some shad, baited a a few rigs with whole ones, and BAM! Hammered ’em. Thanks for all the help, man. Really appreciate it. The rod holders are working great, BTW. I designed my own dual purpose trolling racks since my boat is a tiller steer. The fellas down at the welding shop should have them ready this week. I’ll shoot you a pic of them when I order a couple more rod holders. Think you’ll get a kick out of them. Pretty proud of my little design. Tight lines, man.

havocmaster69 says:

Steve what do you think of or have you ever used an old paper graph fish finder I had one in the 90’s and the detail was unreal especially when you were over a sunken tree. We used it to bass fish in lakes when you hit a school of bass they would show up as an upside down “V” for what ever reason.

andyattitude2000 says:

thanks for the info., I am in the market for a fish finder and I have been picking the brains of everyone I meet that has a fish finder.

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